Manufacturing Process Objective Questions with answers - Set 20 - ObjectiveBooks

Manufacturing Process Objective Questions with answers - Set 20

Practice Test: Question Set - 20

1. Tool life is measured by the
    (A) Number of pieces machined between tool sharpenings
    (B) Time the tool is in contact with the job
    (C) Volume of material removed between tool sharpenings
    (D) All of the above

2. A diamond locating pin is used in jigs and fixtures because
    (A) Diamond is very hard and wear resistant
    (B) It occupies very little space
    (C) It helps in assembly with tolerance on centre distance
    (D) It has a long life

3. Surface grinding is done to produce
    (A) Tapered surface
    (B) Flat surface
    (C) Internal cylindrical holes
    (D) All of these

4. Relief angles on high speed steel tools usually vary from
    (A) 0° to 3°
    (B) 3° to 10°
    (C) 10° to 20°
    (D) 20° to 30°

5. The tool material, for faster machining, should have
    (A) Wear resistance
    (B) Red hardness
    (C) Toughness
    (D) All of these

6. High speed steel cutting tools operate at cutting speeds _________ than carbon steel tools.
    (A) 2 to 3 times lower
    (B) 2 to 3 times higher
    (C) 5 to 8 times higher
    (D) 8 to 20 times higher

7. In a plain milling machine, the table can be moved
    (A) Longitudinally
    (B) Crosswise
    (C) Vertically
    (D) All of these

8. Crater wear leads to
    (A) Increase in cutting temperature
    (B) Weakening of tool
    (C) Friction and cutting forces
    (D) All of these

9. In oblique cutting system, the maximum chip thickness
    (A) Occurs at the middle
    (B) May not occur at the middle
    (C) Depends upon the material of the tool
    (D) Depends upon the geometry of the tool

10. The rear teeth of a broach
    (A) Perform burnishing operation
    (B) Remove minimum metal
    (C) Remove maximum metal
    (D) Remove no metal

11. The soft grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters
    (A) A to H
    (B) I to P
    (C) Q to Z
    (D) A to P

12. The actual feed in centerless grinders is given by (where d = Dia. of regulating wheel, n = Revolutions per minute, and α = Angle of inclination of wheel)
    (A) πd
    (B) πdn
    (C) πdn sinα
    (D) πdn cosα

13. Small nose radius
    (A) Increases tool life
    (B) Decreases tool life
    (C) Produces chipping and decreases tool life
    (D) Results in excessive stress concentration and greater heat generation

14. Which of the following statement is correct about EDM machining?
    (A) It can machine hardest materials
    (B) It produces high degree of surface finish
    (C) The tool and work are never in contact with each other
    (D) All of these

15. A tool used to withdraw a drill from the sleeve is called
    (A) Drill remover
    (B) Drill puller
    (C) Drift
    (D) Drill drawer

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