Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 12

Quiz Questions

01. The proof resilience per unit volume of a material is known as modulus of resilience.

02. When plates are fastened by a rivet, the holes in the plates should be made by punching and reaming.

03. In a Proell governor, the balls are attached to the extension of lower links.

04. Locomotive boiler is a ________ boiler.

05. Liquid fuels have higher calorific value than solid fuels.

06. A Porter governor can not be isochronous.

07. If the efficiency of a lifting machine is kept constant, its velocity ratio is __________ proportional to its mechanical advantage.

08. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the zero stress is developed on the neutral axis.

09. A weir is usually made of masonry or concrete.

10. The module is the reciprocal of diametral pitch.

11. The change of entropy, when heat is removed from the gas, is negative.

12. Conduction is the process of heat transfer from one particle of the body to another by the actual motion of the heated particles.

13. A link or element need not to be a rigid body, but it must be a resistant body.

14. An ideal fluid is frictionless and incompressible.

15. A pattern is used to make the mould cavity for pouring the molten metal for casting.

16. The delay period in oil engines increases with increase in the speed of engine.

17. Parallel fillet welds are designed for bending strength.

18. The sensitiveness of a governor depends upon the lift of the sleeve.

19. The vacuum pressure is always the negative gauge pressure.

20. In petrol engines, using a fixed octane rating fuel, the increase in compression ratio will not affect the knocking tendency.

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