Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 14

Quiz Questions

01. The mechanical draught produces more draught than natural draught.

02. A sliding pair has a completely constrained motion.

03. The radial distance from the top of a tooth to the bottom of a tooth is called clearance

04. The planes, which carry no shear stress, are known as principal planes.

05. A file with 50-60 teeth in 25 mm is called bastard file.

06. The piston slide valve is an inside admission valve.

07. There is a loss of heat in an irreversible process.

08. The bell crank levers used in railway signalling arrangement are of third type levers.

09. The volume per unit mass of a liquid is called specific volume.

10. D' Alembert's principle basically depends upon Newton's second law of motion.

11. Liquid fuels consist of hydrocarbons.

12. The minimum size of a billet is 10 cm × 10 cm.

13. The hoop stress in a thick cylindrical shell is maximum at the inner radius.

14. The set screws are used to prevent relative motion between the two parts.

15. Laminar flow __________ place at very low velocities.

16. Due to slip of belt, the velocity ratio of the belt drive increases.

17. The heating of a gas at constant pressure is governed by Charles' law.

18. The brake commonly used in motor cars is internal expanding brake.

19. By decreasing the highest temperature in the Carnot cycle, its efficiency is increased.

20. The density of air is same at different heights.

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