Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 15

Quiz Questions

01. A good fuel should have __________ ignition point.

02. The working of metals above the recrystallisation temperature is known as hot working.

03. The time taken by a particle for one complete oscillation is known as periodic time.

04. The springs in cars are used to store strain energy.

05. The throttling process is an irreversible steady flow expansion process.

06. A low wet bulb temperature indicates very ________ humidity.

07. The pressure at a stagnation point is always low.

08. The number of rivets in shear shall be equal to the number of rivets in crushing.

09. A force acting in the opposite direction to the motion of the body is called force of friction.

10. The torch used for oxygen cutting is same as for oxyacetylene welding.

11. In oblique cutting system, the tool may or may not generate a surface parallel to the workface.

12. Circumferential joint in boilers is used to get the required length of a boiler.

13. The viscosity of a liquid is due to cohesion of its particles.

14. If a pendulum is taken 1 km below the earth surface in a mine, it will __________ in time.

15. The unit of Young's modulus is same as that of stress.

16. In twist fluted drills, chips do not move out automatically.

17. For the isochronous Porter governor, the controlling force curve is a straight line passing through the origin.

18. Materials which make good moderators do not make good reflectors.

19. A supercharger receives air from the atmosphere surrounding the engine, compresses it to a higher pressure and then feeds it into the inlet valve of the engine.

20. The throw of the eccentric is equal to the valve travel.

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