Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 16 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 16

Quiz Questions

01. In a flange coupling, the thickness of flanges is taken as one-half the diameter of shaft.

02. The brake power is always greater than indicated power.

03. A flow is called sonic, if the Mach number is unity.

04. In a parallel flow heat exchanger, the rate of flow of heat and the rate of decrease of temperature are maximum.

05. A steel containing more than 0.8% carbon is known as eutectoid steel.

06. In a reaction turbine, the water enters the wheel under pressure and flows over the vanes.

07. The centrifugal tension on the belt has no effect on the power transmitted.

08. During suction stroke of a four stroke petrol engine, the inlet valve opens and the charge is sucked into the cylinder as the piston moves upwards from the bottom dead centre.

09. A shaft is a rotating machine element.

10. In two dimensional flow, the flow does not take place in a curve.

11. Slick is used for repairing and finishing the mould.

12. When a train is rounding a curve, the side thrust on the wheel flanges is prevented by raising the outer edge of the rail.

13. The keyways, grooves and slots cannot be cut on a shaper.

14. Scott Russell's mechanism is made up of sliding pair.

15. A shaft is designed on the basis of rigidity and stiffness.

16. Wet bulb temperature indicates the moisture content in air.

17. A Tandem type compound engine requires a larger flywheel.

18. When no external force acts on a body, after giving it an initial displacement, the body is said to have free vibrations.

19. In tungsten inert gas arc welding, a __________ electrode is used.

20. The minor diameter of a screw thread is also known as outside or nominal diameter.

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