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Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 18

Quiz Questions

01. The distance moved by the valve from one end to the other end is called valve travel.

02. A diesel engine has inlet valve, fuel injection valve and exhaust valve.

03. The radius of gyration is the distance where the whole mass (or area) of a body is assumed to be concentrated.

04. The thickness of key is usually taken equal to one-sixth of diameter of shaft.

05. Gagger is used for cleaning the moulding sand.

06. Power screws are used to convert rotary motion into translatory motion.

07. A Watt's governor is a spring loaded governor.

08. As the cutting speed increases, tool life decreases.

09. A large electrode is used in unshielded arc welding.

10. The unit of mass moment of inertia in S.I. units is kg-m^2.

11. The plunge grinding requires very __________ speed.

12. A pouring basin acts as a reservoir for the molten metal.

13. Frequency of vibrations means the number of cycles per second.

14. Sulphur dioxide has the lowest boiling point.

15. In bending operation, the metal takes the shape of a punch.

16. The efficiency of a screw jack is dependent upon the load raised or lowered.

17. The entropy is a point function and thus it is a property of the same.

18. The kinetic energy of a body __________ upon its mass and velocity.

19. The critical pressure gives the velocity of steam at the throat equal to the velocity of sound.

20. The workdone in a free expansion process is zero.

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