Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 19 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 19

Quiz Questions

01. Newton's second law motion __________ a relation between force and mass of a moving body.

02. The specific volume of a system is an __________ property.

03. The primary unbalanced force of reciprocating masses is inversely proportional to the crank radius.

04. The unit of power in S. I. units is kilowatt.

05. Lancashire boiler is a stationary fire tube boiler.

06. The negative acceleration is called retardation.

07. Up milling is also called conventional milling.

08. A pair is said to be a kinematic pair, if the relative motion between them is completely or successfully constrained.

09. For maximum efficiency of an impulse turbine, the steam should leave the blades at right angles to their motion.

10. Two equal and opposite parallel forces whose lines of action are different form a couple.

11. The slowing down of fast neutrons is desirable because slow moving neutrons are more effective than fast neutrons in triggering fission.

12. A body is said to move or vibrate with simple harmonic motion if its acceleration is directed towards the mean position.

13. The elements are made up of minute and chemically invisible particles as atoms.

14. Cornish boilers are multi-tubular boilers.

15. The pitching of a ship is assumed to take place with simple harmonic motion.

16. Ceramic tools has greater tool life than carbide tools.

17. The velocity ratio for the second system of pulleys is n.

18. Coke oven gas is obtained by burning coke in an oven.

19. Special reactors, called breeder reactors, supply a net gain of fissionable material.

20. The potential energy stored by a spring in compression, is called strain energy.

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