Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 20 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 20

Quiz Questions

01. Most of the engines, generally, do not require balancing of secondary forces and couples.

02. Cemented carbide tools are generally poor in shear.

03. A closed cycle gas turbine works on Joule's cycle.

04. A single stage turbine is not used because it requires large reduction gearing due to very high rotational speed.

05. A non-reversible machine is also called a self-locking machine.

06. In welding aluminium with TIG arc welding, alternating current is used.

07. The motion of the body from one extremity to the other is known as a beat.

08. A railway bridge is an example of a machine.

09. Mild steel during machining produces __________ chips.

10. It is __________ to make an engine working on a Carnot cycle.

11. The loss of kinetic energy during elastic impact is zero.

12. In petrol engines, using a fixed octane rating fuel, the increase in engine speed will decrease the knocking tendency.

13. The turbine blades do not change the direction of steam issuing from the nozzle.

14. The uniform pressure theory gives a higher frictional torque than the uniform wear theory.

15. The centre of gravity of a rectangle lies at a point where its two diagonals meet each other.

16. The pressure of steam at throat of a steam nozzle is called critical pressure.

17. The in-feed grinding is similar to plunge grinding.

18. The amount, by which the outer edge of the rail is raised, is known as super-elevation.

19. The two rolls in a two high rolling mills are of ________ size.

20. A pendulum type governor is a Watt governor.

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