Mechanical Engineering Workshop Objective Type Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Workshop Objective Type Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. The property of sand due to which the sand grains stick together is called
    (A) Collapsibility
    (B) Permeability
    (C) Cohesiveness
    (D) Adhesiveness

2. If an aluminium pattern made from a wooden master pattern is to be used for grey iron castings, then the shrinkage allowance allowed on the wooden pattern should be
    (A) 10 mm/m
    (B) 16 mm/m
    (C) 20 mm/m
    (D) 26 mm/m

3. Which of the following statement is wrong?
    (A) The angular clearance on dies varies from 0.5° to 1°
    (B) In drawing operation, the metal flows due to plasticity
    (C) In press operation, the size of the pierced hole is independent of the size of punch
    (D) None of the above

4. The cross-section of a chisel is usually
    (A) Rectangular
    (B) Square
    (C) Hexagonal
    (D) Octagonal

5. In backhand welding, the angle between the welding rod and the work is ________ as compared to forehand welding.
    (A) Same
    (B) Less
    (C) More
    (D) None of these

6. A zinc diffusion process is called
    (A) Galvanizing
    (B) Anodizing
    (C) Parkerising
    (D) Sherardizing

7. The hot working of metals is carried out
    (A) At the recrystallisation temperature
    (B) Below the recrystallisation temperature
    (C) Above the recrystallisation temperature
    (D) At any temperature

8. In order to check the clearance between two mating surfaces, a ________ gauge should be used.
    (A) Ring
    (B) Plug
    (C) Feeler
    (D) None of these

9. Seam welding is best adopted for metal thickness ranging from
    (A) 0.025 to 3 mm
    (B) 3 to 5 mm
    (C) 5 to 8 mm
    (D) 8 to 10 mm

10. In a cold chamber die casting machine
    (A) Melting pot is separate from the machine
    (B) Melting pot is an integral part of the machine
    (C) Melting pot may have any location
    (D) Low temperature and pressure is used

11. Cutting and forming operations can be performed in a single operation in a
    (A) Simple die
    (B) Progressive die
    (C) Compound die
    (D) Combination die

12. The process of decreasing the cross-section of a bar and increasing its length, is called
    (A) Drawing down
    (B) Upsetting
    (C) Spinning
    (D) Peening

13. When more volume of acetylene and less volume of oxygen is supplied, then a ________ flame is obtained.
    (A) Neutral
    (B) Oxidizing
    (C) Carburising
    (D) None of these

14. Metal patterns are used for
    (A) Small castings
    (B) Large castings
    (C) Complicated castings
    (D) Large scale production of castings

15. Structural sections such as rails, angles, I-beams are made by
    (A) Hot rolling
    (B) Hot drawing
    (C) Hot piercing
    (D) Hot extrusion

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