Mechanical Thermodynamics Quiz - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Thermodynamics Quiz - Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. The property of the system, whose value for the entire system is equal to the sum of their values for the individual parts of the system, is called extensive property

02. A process, in which the gas is heated or expanded in such a way that product of its pressure and volume remains constant, is called isothermal process.

03. A perpetual motion machine of the first kind is __________ according to first law of thermodynamics.

04. Wood charcoal is produced by heating the wood at 100°C.

05. The amount of heat obtained by the complete combustion of 1 kg of a fuel when the products of its combustion are cooled down to the temperature of supplied air is called __________ calorific value of fuel.

06. When a fluid is allowed to expand suddenly into a vacuum chamber through an orifice of large dimensions, the process is known as free expansion process.

07. Water gas is obtained by passing air and a large amount of steam over waste coal at about 650°C.

08. The dual combustion cycle consists of one constant pressure, two constant volume and two isentropic processes.

09. The free expansion process is a constant enthalpy process.

10. The blast furnace gas is a by-product in the production of pig iron in the blast furnace.

11. If the carbon content in the bituminous coal is 78 to 81%, it is said to be coking bituminous coal.

12. The bomb calorimeter is used for finding the __________ calorific value of solid and liquid fuels.

13. The atomic mass of an element is the number of times the atom of that element is heavier than the hydrogen atom.

14. The area under the temperature-entropy curve (i. e. T - s curve) of any thermodynamic process represents the workdone during the process.

15. As per Charles' law, the volume of a given mass of a perfect gas varies __________ as its absolute temperature, when the absolute pressure remains constant.

16. Boyle's law states that change of internal energy of a perfect gas is directly proportional to the change of temperature.

17. The efficiency of Otto cycle depends upon the specific heats of the working substance.

18. It is __________ to construct an engine working on a cyclic process, whose sole purpose is to convert heat energy into work.

19. Briquetted coal is produced from the finely ground coal by moulding under pressure with or without a binding material.

20. The absolute pressure of a given mass of a perfect gas varies inversely as its volume, when the temperature remains constant. This statement is known as Boyle's law.

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