Production Engineering Online Quiz - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks
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Production Engineering Online Quiz - Set 01

Production & Manufacturing Engineering Online Quiz: Set 01

Quiz Questions

01. The tail stock and the carriage of a lathe may be guided on same or different guide-way.

02. The rate of removing metal is _________ by increasing the depth of cut.

03. The tool life is _________ cutting speed.

04. An open structure of a grinding wheel is denoted by the number 1 to 8.

05. The form grinding is used to grind gear teeth, threads, splined shafts and holes.

06. Spot facing is an operation of smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole.

07. Holes are machined by push broaches only for sizing.

08. In machining cast iron, no cutting fluid is required.

09. If the grain size is __________ the tool life is better.

10. Flank wear is due to the abrasive action of hard misconstituents including debris from built up edge as the work material rubs the work surface.

11. The operation of reproduction of an outline of a template on a workpiece is called face milling.

12. Jigs are heavier than fixtures in construction.

13. In electro-discharge machining, the tool is connected to cathode.

14. Half nut is used to lock the lathe carriage to the lead screw for thread cutting.

15. The tool life __________ as the cutting speed increases.

16. In the relation VT^n = C, the value of n for high speed steel tools varies from 0.25 to 0.40.

17. The angle between the face of the tool and a line tangent to the machined surface at the cutting point is called cutting angle.

18. In drilling mild steel and brass, the point angle of a drill is 118°.

19. The dressing and truing of grinding wheel are done with the same tools but not for the same purpose.

20. A numerical method of identification of tool is known as tool signature.

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