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Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Online Quiz - Set 02

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Online Quiz: Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. The sensible heat gain is due to the __________ difference between the fresh air and the air in space.

02. Dew point temperature corresponds to the saturation temperature of vapour at its partial pressure.

03. If the evaporator temperature is kept constant, the coefficient of performance of refrigeration cycle ________ with the increase in condenser temperature.

04. The refrigerant carbon dioxide is not widely used because of its _________ power requirements per tonne of refrigeration and high operating pressures.

05. The inclined and non-uniformly spaced straight lines on a psychrometric chart indicate wet bulb temperature.

06. For a given dry bulb temperature, as the relative humidity ________ the wet bulb temperature will increase.

07. In a psychrometric chart, dew point temperature lines are horizontal and non-uniformly spaced.

08. In a shell and coil condenser, water flows in the shell and the refrigerant in the coil.

09. The process of adding moisture to the air, without change in its dry bulb temperature, is known as humidification.

10. The wet bulb temperature lines, on the psychrometric chart, are curved lines.

11. The highest temperature during the cycle in a vapour compression system occurs after evaporation.

12. The cooling of air, without any change in its specific humidity, is known as sensible cooling.

13. The freezing point of carbon dioxide is equal to boiling point of R-12.

14. The sulphur sticks, in case of leakage of ammonia refrigerant, gives white smoke.

15. The capacity of the cooling tower and spray ponds __________ as the wet bulb temperature of air decreases.

16. Dehydration is the process of removing water vapour from the surrounding air.

17. During sensible heating of air, specific humidity remains constant.

18. The _________ point of ammonia is -77.7°C.

19. The expansion valve in a refrigerator controls the flow of refrigerant.

20. A simple air cooling system is good for ________ flight speeds.

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