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Refrigeration Online Quiz - Set 01

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Online Quiz: Set 01

Quiz Questions

01. The temperature rise, between the condenser outlet and expansion valve in ammonia vapour compression system, should be as low as possible.

02. During sub-cooling, sensible heat from a liquid refrigerant is removed.

03. The expression [Pv (Pb - Pd)/ Pd (Pb - Pv)] is used for calculating relative humidity.

04. The final relative humidity of the air during cooling and dehumidification is generally __________ than that of entering air.

05. In a pressure enthalpy chart, the space between the saturated liquid line and saturated vapour line represents sub-cooled liquid region.

06. R-11 has the highest critical point temperature.

07. The mass of water vapour present in 1 kg of dry air, is called humidity ratio.

08. When the discharge pressure is too high in a refrigeration system, high pressure control is installed to stop the compressor.

09. In absorption vapour systems, the refrigerant widely used is R-12.

10. A Bell Coleman refrigerator working on dense air system as compared to open air system, for the same range of temperature, results in higher coefficient of performance.

11. Dew point temperature is the temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when the moisture present in it begins to condense.

12. If the condenser temperature is kept constant, the coefficient of performance of a refrigeration cycle increases with the increase in evaporator temperature.

13. The relative humidity ________ as air gets drier.

14. The coefficient of performance (C.O.P.) is the reciprocal of the efficiency of a heat engine.

15. The coefficient of performance of vapour compression refrigeration system is quite ________ as compared to air refrigeration system.

16. During sensible cooling of air, the relative humidity increases.

17. The heating of air, without any change in its specific humidity, is known as sensible heating.

18. The absolute humidity is the mass of water vapour present in 1 m^3 of dry air.

19. A condenser is used in the _________ pressure side of a refrigerating system.

20. R-12 has the ________ freezing point.

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