Theory Test practice Workshop Technology - Set 13 - ObjectiveBooks

Theory Test practice Workshop Technology - Set 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. In die casting, machining allowance is
    (A) Small
    (B) Large
    (C) Very large
    (D) Not provided

2. The maximum flame temperature occurs
    (A) At the outer cone
    (B) At the inner cone
    (C) Between the outer and inner cone
    (D) At the torch tip

3. Cast iron and steel pipes are produced by
    (A) Slush casting
    (B) Investment casting
    (C) True centrifugal casting
    (D) Die casting

4. The casting method adopted for ornaments and toys of nonferrous alloys, is
    (A) Permanent mould casting
    (B) Slush casting
    (C) Die casting
    (D) Centrifugal casting

5. The purpose of a riser is to
    (A) Deliver molten metal into the mould cavity
    (B) Act as a reservoir for the molten metal
    (C) Feed the molten metal to the casting in order to compensate for the shrinkage
    (D) Deliver the molten metal from pouring basin to gate

6. When the dimension is expressed as 20­ -0.025 ⁺⁰∙⁰³⁵, then the basic size is
    (A) 20 mm
    (B) 20.035 mm
    (C) 20.025 mm
    (D) 19.975 mm

7. The directional solidification in casting can be improved by using
    (A) Chills and chaplets
    (B) Chills and padding
    (C) Chaplets and padding
    (D) Chills, chaplets and padding

8. The operation of cutting of a flat sheet to the desired shape is called
    (A) Shearing
    (B) Piercing
    (C) Punching
    (D) Blanking

9. The cold chisels are made from
    (A) Cast iron
    (B) Mild steel
    (C) High speed steel
    (D) Cast tool steel

10. In arc welding, the temperature of heat produced by the electric arc is of the order of
    (A) 3000°C to 4000°C
    (B) 4000°C to 5000°C
    (C) 5000°C to 6000°C
    (D) 6000°C to 7000°C

11. In shielded arc welding
    (A) Large electrode is used
    (B) Welding rod coated with slag is used
    (C) Welding rod coated with fluxing material is used
    (D) None of the above

12. In sheet metal blanking, shear is provided on punches and dies so that
    (A) Press load is reduced
    (B) Good cut edge is obtained
    (C) Warping of sheet is minimized
    (D) Cut blanks is straight

13. A taper provided on the pattern for its easy and clean withdrawal from the mould is known as
    (A) Machining allowance
    (B) Draft allowance
    (C) Shrinkage allowance
    (D) Distortion allowance

14. A neutral flame is obtained by supplying
    (A) Equal volumes of oxygen and acetylene
    (B) More volume of oxygen and less volume of acetylene
    (C) More volume of acetylene and less volume of oxygen
    (D) None of the above

15. Which of the following material can be used for making patterns?
    (A) Aluminium
    (B) Wax
    (C) Lead
    (D) All of these

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