Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Practice Tests - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Practice Tests - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. A fluid in equilibrium can't sustain
    (A) Tensile stress
    (B) Compressive stress
    (C) Shear stress
    (D) Bending stress

2. When a plate is immersed in a liquid parallel to the flow, it will be subjected to a pressure __________ that if the same plate is immersed perpendicular to the flow.
    (A) Less than
    (B) More than
    (C) Equal to
    (D) None of these

3. An object having 10 kg mass weighs 9.81 kg on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at this place is
    (A) 10 m/sec²
    (B) 9.81 m/sec²
    (C) 9.75 m/sec²
    (D) 9 m/sec

4. A flow is called hyper-sonic, if the Mach number is
    (A) Less than unity
    (B) Unity
    (C) Between 1 and 6
    (D) None of these

5. Liquids
    (A) Cannot be compressed
    (B) Occupy definite volume
    (C) Are not affected by change in pressure and temperature
    (D) None of the above

6. When a cylindrical vessel containing liquid is resolved, the surface of the liquid takes the shape of
    (A) A triangle
    (B) A paraboloid
    (C) An ellipse
    (D) None of these

7. Fluid is a substance that
    (A) Cannot be subjected to shear forces
    (B) Always expands until it fills any container
    (C) Has the same shear stress at a point regardless of its motion
    (D) Cannot remain at rest under action of any shear force

8. The force exerted by a moving fluid on an immersed body is directly proportional to the rate of change of momentum due to the presence of the body. This statement is called
    (A) Newton's law of motion
    (B) Newton's law of cooling
    (C) Newton's law of viscosity
    (D) Newton's law of resistance

9. The property of a fluid which enables it to resist tensile stress is known as
    (A) Compressibility
    (B) Surface tension
    (C) Cohesion
    (D) Adhesion

10. The loss of pressure head in case of laminar flow is proportional to
    (A) Velocity
    (B) (Velocity)2
    (C) (Velocity)3
    (D) (Velocity)4

11. The surface tension of mercury at normal temperature compared to that of water is
    (A) More
    (B) Less
    (C) Same
    (D) More or less depending on size of glass tube

12. An air vessel is provided at the summit in a siphon to
    (A) Avoid interruption in the flow
    (B) Increase discharge
    (C) Increase velocity
    (D) Maintain pressure difference

13. The unit of viscosity is
    (A) Meters² per sec
    (B) kg-sec/meter
    (C) Newton-sec per meter²
    (D) Newton-sec per meter

14. Select the correct statement
    (A) Weber's number is the ratio of inertia force to elastic force
    (B) Weber's number is the ratio of gravity force to surface tension force
    (C) Weber's number is the ratio of viscous force to pressure force
    (D) Weber's number is the ratio of inertia force to surface tension force

15. Choose the wrong statement. Alcohol is used in manometer, because
    (A) Its vapour pressure is low
    (B) It provides suitable meniscus for the inclined tube
    (C) Its density is less
    (D) It provides longer length for a given pressure difference

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