Average Aptitude Objective Type Questions - Practice Test 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Average Aptitude Objective Type Questions - Practice Test 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. The average of 11 results is 50. If the average of first six results is 49 and that of last six is 52, find the sixth result.
    (A) 56
    (B) 46
    (C) 52
    (D) 59

2. The average monthly expenditure of a family was Rs. 2,200 during first 3 months, Rs. 2,550 during next 4 months and Rs. 3,120 during last 5 months of the year. If the total saving during the year was Rs. 1,260, find average monthly income.
    (A) Rs. 3,960
    (B) Rs. 760.8
    (C) Rs. 2,805
    (D) Rs. 3,125

3. In a cricket team eleven, the average age of eleven players is 28 years. Out of these, the averages of three groups of three players each are 25 years, 28 years and 30 years. The captain and the youngest player who is 11 years younger than the captain are not included in these groups. The age of the captain is
    (A) 33 years
    (B) 34 years
    (C) 35 years
    (D) 36 years

4. The average expenditure of a man for the first five months was Rs. 120 and for the next seven months is Rs. 130. What was his monthly average income if he saved Rs. 290 in that year?
    (A) Rs. 130
    (B) Rs. 110
    (C) Rs. 190
    (D) Rs. 150

5. The average income of a group of 9 workers is Rs. 137.30 and that of another group of 7 workers is Rs. 95.06. The average income of all the persons is:
    (A) Rs. 118.82
    (B) Rs. 116.18
    (C) Rs. 125.18
    (D) Rs. 128.15

6. In a class there are three divisions. The number of students and the average marks in mathematics in the three divisions are 30, 40, 30 and 40%, 30% and 50% respectively. What are the average marks in mathematics of the class?
    (A) 39
    (B) 40
    (C) 41
    (D) 51

7. The average of 30 students is 9 years. If the age of their teacher in included, it becomes 10 years. The age of the teacher (in years) is
    (A) 27
    (B) 31
    (C) 35
    (D) 40

8. An employee's average contribution to his provident fund for the first 9 months was Rs. 3,500 each and for each of the remaining 3 months, the contribution was Rs. 5,500. By what amount was his total contribution short of Rs. 58,000?
    (A) Rs. 4,000
    (B) Rs. 16,500
    (C) Rs. 8,000
    (D) Rs. 10,000

9. One of the two buses completes a journey of 300 km in 7½ hrs. and the other a journey of 450 km in 10 hrs. Find the ratio of their average speeds.
    (A) 4 : 5
    (B) 9 : 8
    (C) 8 : 9
    (D) 5 : 4

10. The average weight of 8 men is increased by 1.5 g. when one of the men who weighs 65 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is:
    (A) 60 kg.
    (B) 72 kg.
    (C) 69 kg.
    (D) 77 kg.

11. My average expenses for 4 days is Rs. 6.00. I spend Rs. 7.70 on first day and Rs. 6.30 on second day. If I spent Rs. 10 on third day, what did I spend on the 4th day?
    (A) Rs. 2
    (B) Rs. 3
    (C) Rs. 4
    (D) None of these

12. The average of 17 numbers is 10.9 and if the average of first nine is 10.5 and that of the last nine is 11.4, the middle number is
    (A) 11.8
    (B) 11.4
    (C) 10.9
    (D) 11.7

13. Five years ago average age of P and Q was 15 years. Average age of P, Q and R today is 20 years. How old R will be after 10 years.
    (A) 32 yrs.
    (B) 25 yrs.
    (C) 35 yrs.
    (D) 30 yrs.

14. A grocer has a sale of Rs. 6435, Rs. 6927, Rs. 6855, Rs. 7230 and Rs. 6562 for 5 consecutive months. How much sale must he have in the sixth month so that he gets an average sale of Rs. 6500?
    (A) Rs. 4991
    (B) Rs. 5991
    (C) Rs. 6001
    (D) Rs. 6991

15. Nine men went to hotel. 8 of them spent Rs. 3 each over their meals and the ninth spent Rs. 2 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. The total money spent by all of them was
    (A) Rs. 26
    (B) Rs. 40
    (C) Rs. 27
    (D) Rs. 29

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