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Engineering Drawing Practice Test - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Auto-CAD refers to isometric ellipses as ________.
    (A) Ellipses
    (B) Iso-ellipses
    (C) Iso-circles
    (D) Circles

2. Inserting blocks into a drawing file usually requires exacting placement. The drafter should insure that ________ is turned on.
    (A) O Snaps
    (B) Ortho
    (C) Grid
    (D) Dynamic Input

3. When drawing a line using the relative coordinate system a line is created from ________.
    (A) 0, 0
    (B) The ending point of the last line
    (C) The beginning point of the last line
    (D) None of the above

4. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
    (A) Rack size
    (B) Tooth size
    (C) Gear size
    (D) Pitch diameter

5. Drawings created with commercial software are typically saved as:
    (A) Rapid prototypes
    (B) Electronic files
    (C) Draft drawings
    (D) Change orders

6. Oblique drawings are dimensioned in a similar fashion as these types of drawings:
    (A) Orthographic
    (B) Isometric
    (C) Angular
    (D) Parallel

7. Which of the following is one of the basic types of welded joints:
    (A) T-joint
    (B) Rear joint
    (C) Angle joint
    (D) Groove joint

8. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:
    (A) Engineering process
    (B) Design process
    (C) Aesthetic process
    (D) Functional process

9. This process recognizes the inherent interrelationships between design and manufacturing:
    (A) Design for manufacture
    (B) Design for manufacture and assembly
    (C) Design for concurrent engineering
    (D) Design for assembly

10. How can the drafter prevent Auto-CAD from placing or stacking another center mark on a circle when adding a diameter dimension to it?
    (A) Explode the dimension and then erase the center mark
    (B) Use the Properties dialog box to turn off the center mark of the dimension
    (C) It can't be done
    (D) Use the trim tool to take away the stacked center mark

11. Oblique sections are useful to show this:
    (A) Foreshortened features
    (B) Oblique lines
    (C) Interior shapes
    (D) Projected features

12. These weld symbols have no arrow-side or other-side significance:
    (A) Projection or seam weld
    (B) Back or backing weld
    (C) Surface or groove weld
    (D) Flash and upset weld

13. This is a systematic approach that integrates the design and manufacture of products with the goal of optimizing the process:
    (A) Traditional engineering design
    (B) The manufacturing process
    (C) Concurrent design
    (D) Design for recycling

14. Approximately this much of the cost of product development and manufacture is determined at the design stage:
    (A) 40-50 %
    (B) 60-75 %
    (C) 70-80 %
    (D) 75-85 %

15. A circular arc is dimensioned in the view where you see its true shape by giving the value for its:
    (A) Diameter
    (B) Arc length
    (C) Radius
    (D) Chord length

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