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Percentage Aptitude Questions and Answers Practice Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. 80% of a number is greater than 50% of it by 120. The number is?
    (A) 360
    (B) 260
    (C) 180
    (D) 400

2. At a clearance sale, books were sold at 20% reduction. A student purchased a book for Rs. 120 at the clearance sale. The usual price of the book was
    (A) Rs. 120
    (B) Rs. 130
    (C) Rs. 140
    (D) Rs. 150

3. If the price of sugar be raised by 10%. How much percent a house holder must reduce his consumption of sugar so as not to increase his expenditure?
    (A) 28%
    (B) 9.09%
    (C) 9%
    (D) 8.25%

4. Rajan invests 65% of his intended investment in machinery and 20% on raw material in his business. If he has a balance of Rs. 6000, what was the intended investment?
    (A) Rs. 21,000
    (B) Rs. 34,000
    (C) Rs. 40,000
    (D) Rs. 28,000

5. The price of rice increases by 25%. By what % the consumption of rice should be reduced so as not to increase the expenses?
    (A) 25%
    (B) 33 1/3 %
    (C) 20 %
    (D) 16 2/3 %

6. In a school examination, 37% students fail in English, 205 fail in Maths and 6% fail in both. If 490 students pass, find how many appeared?
    (A) 800
    (B) 1000
    (C) 1200
    (D) 900

7. The population of a village is 5000. In 6 years, it will become 6000. If it continues increasing at the same rate, then in 18 years it will become?
    (A) 18,000
    (B) 8,000
    (C) 9,624
    (D) 8,640

8. A man spends 20% of his income on house rent, one-fourth of the remaining on milk and milk products and the rest on food, clothing, conveyance, etc. If he pays Rs.120 towards house rent, how much does he spend on milk and milk products?
    (A) Rs. 30
    (B) Rs. 40
    (C) Rs. 150
    (D) Rs. 240

9. The radius of a circle is increased by 100%, the area of the circle will be increased by
    (A) 200%
    (B) 100%
    (C) 300%
    (D) 400%

10. A cooler of Rs. 2500 is available at 25% discount. The cooler can be purchased for
    (A) Rs. 2250
    (B) Rs. 2000
    (C) Rs. 1680
    (D) Rs. 1875

11. A towel was 50 cm broad and 100 cm long. When bleached, it was found to have lost 20% if its length and 10% of its breadth. The percentage of decrease in area is
    (A) 28%
    (B) 20%
    (C) 10.08%
    (D) 10%

12. The population of a city is 50,000. If it increases by 10% in the first and by 20% in the second year, the population at the end of these two years will be
    (A) 60,000
    (B) 66,000
    (C) 80,000
    (D) 76,000

13. The population of a town is 10,000. In the first year it increased by 10% and in the second year it decreased by 10%.At the end of two years it will be?
    (A) 10,000
    (B) 11,000
    (C) 9,900
    (D) 12,200

14. In an election, a candidate gets 9% less than those obtained by his rival who gets 3100 votes. Find the number of votes cast in favour of the loser (the defeated)?
    (A) 2831
    (B) 3000
    (C) 2991
    (D) 2821

15. The population of a town is 10,000. It increases in the first year by 20% and second year by 10%. At the end of 2 years it will become?
    (A) 13,000
    (B) 13,200
    (C) 13,500
    (D) 14,400

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