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Ancient India Online gk questions and answers - Set 04

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. The capital of Pallava king is
    (A) Chennapattinam
    (B) Mahabalipuram
    (C) Kanchipuram
    (D) Madurai

2. Changez Khan was a
    (A) Turk
    (B) Mongol
    (C) Persian
    (D) None of these

3. Who was the most distinguished Hindi poet of Akbar’s court?
    (A) Birbal
    (B) Abdur Rahim Khan-i-khana
    (C) Raja Bhagwan Dass
    (D) Raja Mansingh

4. Chalukya ruler, Pulakesin II, defeated
    (A) Samudragupta
    (B) Chandragupta II
    (C) Harshavardhan
    (D) Dharmapala

5. Who was the Italian traveller to visit Vijayanagar during the heydays of Vijayanagar Empire?
    (A) Durate Barobose
    (B) Bernier
    (C) Thomas Roe
    (D) Niccolo Conti

6. Who among the following rulers belongs to Slave Dynasty?
    (A) Humayun
    (B) Iltutmish
    (C) Alauddin Khilji
    (D) Shershah Suri

7. The saint from Gujarat who preached non-sectarianism in medieval India was
    (A) Tukaram
    (B) Raghunandan
    (C) Dadu
    (D) Ramanand

8. Who was the first women ruler of Delhi?
    (A) Noorjahan
    (B) Razia begum
    (C) Mirabai
    (D) Samyukta

9. Pulakesin II (Chalukya King) was defeated by
    (A) Narasimhavarman
    (B) Simhavishnu
    (C) Mahendravarman
    (D) Rajaraja

10. Sikh Guru Arjundev was contemporary to which of the following rulers?
    (A) Humayun
    (B) Akbar
    (C) Shahjahan
    (D) Jahangir

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