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Books and Authors GK Test India - Set 01

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Who is the author of the book 'Freedom Behind Bars'?
    (A) Kiran Bedi
    (B) Jawaharlal Nahru
    (C) Sheikh Abdullah
    (D) Nelson Mandela

2. Who is the author of the book 'Naked Triangle'?
    (A) R. K. Narayan
    (B) Amrita Pritam
    (C) Balwant Gargi
    (D) Khushwant Singh

3. Who is the author of 'Betrayal of the Defence Forces'?
    (A) Vishnu Bhagat
    (B) Tarun Tejpal
    (C) George Fernandes
    (D) Jaswant Singh

4. The author of the book “The Struggle In My Life” is
    (A) Mandela
    (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
    (C) Balgangadhar Tilak
    (D) G. K. Gokhale

5. Mahakavi Kalidas
    (A) Was one of the greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist
    (B) Lived during the region of Chandragupta Vikaramaditya
    (C) Famous works include Shakutala, Raghuvansha, Meghdoot and Kumara Sambahava
    (D) All of the above

6. Who is the author of famous book 'The Judgement'?
    (A) Anthony Mascarenhasa
    (B) R. Vankataraman
    (C) Kuldip Nayar
    (D) Janardhan Turkur

7. Who wrote the book 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age'?
    (A) C.D. Deshmukh
    (B) Dr. P.C. Alexander
    (C) M.O. Mathai
    (D) S.C. Rajagopalachari

8. Who is the writer of 'Swamy and Friends'?
    (A) Munshi Premchand
    (B) Raman
    (C) Max Muller
    (D) R. K. Narayan

9. In which language did 'Dr. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar' write?
    (A) Malayalam
    (B) Tamil
    (C) Telugu
    (D) Kannada

10. Who is the author of book 'We Indians'?
    (A) Nirad C. Choudry
    (B) Subramaniya Swamy
    (C) Khushwant Singh
    (D) Muluk Raj Anand

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