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GK Questions with answers on National Books and Authors

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Who is the author of the book 'No Full Stops in India'?
    (A) Raj Mohan Gandhi
    (B) Shyam lal
    (C) E.M. Forster
    (D) Mark Tully

2. Who is writer of the poetry “Deep Shikha”?
    (A) Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
    (B) Shankar Dayal Sharma
    (C) Subhadra Kumari Chauhan
    (D) None of these

3. The original name of 'Mahabharata' is
    (A) Katha Saritsagar
    (B) Jai Samhita
    (C) Vrahat Katha
    (D) Rajatarangini

4. The celebrated novel 'The Godfather' was authored by
    (A) Harold Robbins
    (B) John Milton
    (C) Victor Hugo
    (D) Mario Puzo

5. 'In Custody', an English novel is written by which one of the following?
    (A) Anita Desai
    (B) Vikram Seth
    (C) Shoba De
    (D) V.S. Naipaul

6. Who wrote the book 'The Prince'?
    (A) Bernard Shaw
    (B) Niccolo Machiaveli
    (C) V. S. Sharma
    (D) Emile Zola

7. What is unique about the film 'Adi Shankaracharya'?
    (A) It has won the National Award.
    (B) It is the first Bengal film.
    (C) It is the first Sanskrit film.
    (D) It has no female actress.

8. Who directed the world famous film 'The Gandhi'?
    (A) Ben Kingsley
    (B) Satyajit Ray
    (C) Mrinal Sen
    (D) Richard Attenborough

9. 'Eight Lives' is a book written by
    (A) Raja Ramana
    (B) Savita Ambedkar
    (C) Mahesh Yogi
    (D) Raj Mohan Gandhi

10. Who is the writer of the Book “Interpreter of Maladies”?
    (A) Jhumpa Lahiri
    (B) Arundhati Roy
    (C) Vikram Seth
    (D) Geeta Mehta

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