Gk Test with Answers International Affairs - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Gk Test with Answers International Affairs - Set 12

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. The Roman governor and principal assassin in the murder of Julies Caesar was
    (A) Marcus Junius Brutus
    (B) Marco Polo
    (C) Leon Trotsky
    (D) Karl Marks

2. The Newspaper Paravada is taken out in
    (A) London
    (B) Beijing
    (C) Jakarta
    (D) Moscow

3. The sacred text of Confucianism is
    (A) The Tripitaka
    (B) The Analects
    (C) Quran
    (D) No specific text

4. The National Convention framed the new Republican constitution of France in 1795, according to which
    (A) The executive authority of the state was vested in a committee of five directors, called the Directory
    (B) A bicameral legislature was established
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of the above

5. The number of principal organs of the United Nation is
    (A) 3
    (B) 4
    (C) 5
    (D) 6

6. The number of sovereign countries who are members of the United Nations, is
    (A) 180
    (B) 182
    (C) 183
    (D) 191

7. The sacred place for Buddhists is
    (A) Lumbini (Nepal) where Buddha was born
    (B) Bodh Gaya (Bihar) where Buddha received enlightenment
    (C) Kusinagara (UP) where Buddha attained Nirvana
    (D) All of the above

8. The News Agency "Associated Press" is of
    (A) Indonesia
    (B) America
    (C) Bangladesh
    (D) China

9. The significance of peace is denoted by which of the following symbol?
    (A) Olive branch
    (B) Green light
    (C) Lotus
    (D) Red flag

10. The number of permanent members of the UN Security Council is
    (A) 3
    (B) 4
    (C) 5
    (D) 6

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