International Basic knowledge Questions and Answers - Set 13 - ObjectiveBooks

International Basic knowledge Questions and Answers - Set 13

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. What is Magna Carta?
    (A) It was a charter of Rights granted to the Englishmen during 1215 AD by King John II
    (B) It was a charter guaranteeing the freedom of the barons, the church and the common man
    (C) It is the foundation stone of the rights and liberties of the English people
    (D) All of the above

2. What is Bhakti movement?
    (A) It is a social and religious movement form about AD 500 to 1600
    (B) It is the movement that influenced the developed of regional language because it emphasised people's everyday speech
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of the above

3. What were the main factors responsible for World War I?
    (A) Nationalism and imperialism
    (B) Militarism and entangling alliances
    (C) Mutual rivalry, hatred and distrust within the countries
    (D) All of the above

4. What is the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)?
    (A) Group of 53 former colonies of Britain
    (B) Group of 12 former republics of dissolved USSR
    (C) Group of 10 Latin America countries
    (D) Group of Islamic countries in Saudi Arabia region

5. UN General Assembly elects a President and how many Vice Presidents at the start of its each regular session?
    (A) Seven
    (B) Fifteen
    (C) Twenty one
    (D) Two

6. The treaty which ushered in NATO, was signed by the member nations at
    (A) Geneva
    (B) London
    (C) Paris
    (D) Washington

7. Theory of Idealism was expounded by George Hegal, Bishop George and Berkeley According to this
    (A) Mathli is an illusion and that the only reality that which exists mentally
    (B) Good was pleasure and that evil was pain
    (C) Base of knowledge is sense-experience, that is, observations governed by scientific principles
    (D) All knowledge is derived from sensory experience, by observing and experimenting

8. To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belongs?
    (A) Ghana
    (B) South Korea
    (C) Spain
    (D) Sweden

9. Trans World Airlines is an International Airline of
    (A) United Kingdom
    (B) United States of America
    (C) Russia
    (D) Scandinavia

10. The third crusade was led by
    (A) Richard I of England
    (B) Fredrick Barbarossa of Germany
    (C) Philip II of France
    (D) All of the above

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