Material Properties Science Gk - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Material Properties Science Gk - Set 02

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Permanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of
    (A) Sodium carbonate
    (B) Alum
    (C) Potassium permanganate
    (D) Lime

2. Which of the following was to be discovered first in the chromospheres of the sun?
    (A) Krypton
    (B) Xenon
    (C) Neon
    (D) Helium

3. Which of the following are the ingredients of gun metal?
    (A) Iron, Zinc, Titanium
    (B) Iron, tin
    (C) Iron, Brass, Tin
    (D) Copper, Tin

4. Actinides are the elements with atomic numbers from
    (A) 97 to 104
    (B) 101 to 115
    (C) 89 to 103
    (D) 36 from 43

5. In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of
    (A) Sodium
    (B) Barium
    (C) Mercury
    (D) Potassium

6. Air is a/an
    (A) Compound
    (B) Element
    (C) Electrolyte
    (D) Mixture

7. Which metal pollute the air of a big city?
    (A) Copper
    (B) Chromium
    (C) Lead
    (D) Cadmium

8. Which of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?
    (A) Tritium
    (B) Deuterium
    (C) Protium
    (D) Yttrium

9. Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying drinking water, because
    (A) It is a sterilizing agent
    (B) It dissolves the impurities of water
    (C) It is a reducing agent
    (D) It is an oxidizing agent

10. The property of a substance to absorb moisture from the air on exposure is called
    (A) Osmosis
    (B) Deliquescence
    (C) Efflorescence
    (D) Desiccation

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