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Multiple Choice Question and Answer on Physics - Set 04

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. What is the answer to this question?
    (A) An object existence
    (B) A subject existence
    (C) No existence
    (D) Both subjective and objective existence

2. Metals are good conductors of electricity because
    (A) They contain free electrons
    (B) The atoms are lightly packed
    (C) They have high melting point
    (D) All of the above

3. Find the maximum velocity for the overturn of a car moving on a circular track of radius 100 m. The co-efficient of friction between the road and tyre is 0.2
    (A) 0.14 m/s
    (B) 140 m/s
    (C) 1.4 km/s
    (D) 14 m/s

4. The ozone layer restricts
    (A) Visible light
    (B) Infrared radiation
    (C) X-rays and gamma rays
    (D) Ultraviolet radiation

5. When a moving bus stops suddenly, the passenger are pushed forward because of the
    (A) Friction between the earth and the bus
    (B) Friction between the passengers and the earth
    (C) Inertia of the passengers
    (D) Inertia of the bus

6. The velocity of sound in air (under normal condition) is
    (A) 30 m/sec
    (B) 320 m/sec
    (C) 343 m/sec
    (D) 3,320 m/sec

7. Escape velocity of a rocket fired from the earth towards the moon is a velocity to get rid of the
    (A) Earth's gravitational pull
    (B) Moon's gravitational pull
    (C) Centripetal force due to the earth's rotation
    (D) Pressure of the atmosphere

8. If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in meter, then the work done is expressed in
    (A) Joule
    (B) Kg wt
    (C) Kg wt m
    (D) Watt

9. Which is the closest planet to Earth?
    (A) Mars
    (B) Venus
    (C) Jupiter
    (D) Mercury

10. The planet which is farthest from the Sun is
    (A) Uranus
    (B) Saturn
    (C) Pluto
    (D) Neptune

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