Physics GK Questions and Answers‎ - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Physics GK Questions and Answers‎ - Set 06

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Friction can be reduced by changing from
    (A) Sliding to rolling
    (B) Rolling to sliding
    (C) Potential energy to kinetic energy
    (D) Dynamic to static

2. If the plane of the earth's equator were not inclined to the plane of the earth's orbit
    (A) The year would be longer
    (B) The winters would be longer
    (C) There would be no change of seasons
    (D) The summers would be warmer

3. Change of seasons occur due to
I. Earth’s rotation
II. Earth’s revolution
III. Inclination of Earth’s axis
    (A) I and II only
    (B) II and III only
    (C) I and III only
    (D) I, II and III

4. A pond of clear water appears less deep than it really is. This is due to
    (A) Refraction
    (B) Reflection
    (C) The transparency of water
    (D) Dispersion

5. When a ship crosses the International Date Line from West to East
    (A) It losses one day
    (B) It gains one day
    (C) It loses half a day
    (D) It gains half a day

6. A lunar eclipse occurs when
    (A) Sun, Moon and Earth are not in the same line
    (B) Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon
    (C) Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth
    (D) Sun comes between the Earth and the Moon

7. “Equinox” means
    (A) Days are longer than nights
    (B) Days and nights are equal
    (C) Days are shorter than nights
    (D) None of these

8. The technique of recording and reproducing three-dimensional images of objects is known as
    (A) Audiography
    (B) Lexicography
    (C) Holography
    (D) Photography

9. How much noise is produced when man breathes?
    (A) 35 Decimal
    (B) 0.1 Decimal
    (C) 0.5 Decimal
    (D) 10 Decimal

10. Of the various non-conventional energy sources that are being tapped, which has the largest potential?
    (A) Water power
    (B) Wind power
    (C) Solar power
    (D) Biomass power

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