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Volume and Surface Area online Aptitude Practice Test - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. The lateral surface of a cylinder is developed in a square whose diagonal is √2 cm long. The volume of the cylinder in cubic cm is:
    (A) 1/4π
    (B) 2/π
    (C) 3π/4
    (D) 2π

2. The length, breadth and height of a rectangular solid are 10 cm, 5 cm and 2 cm respectively. Its whole surface area in sq. cm is:
    (A) 7
    (B) 70
    (C) 140
    (D) 280

3. If a solid metal cylinder of radius 4 cm and height 10 cm is melted to make solid balls of radius 1 mm, the number of such balls produced is:
    (A) 0.8 lakh
    (B) 1.0 lakh
    (C) 1.2 lakh
    (D) 1.4 lakh

4. If the numerical value of the curved surface area of a right circular cylinder is equal to the numerical value of its volume, then the numerical value of the radius of the base of the cylinder is:
    (A) 4
    (B) 3
    (C) 1
    (D) 2

5. If in an isosceles triangle ‘a’ is the length of the base and ‘b’ is the length of one of equal sides, then its area is:
    (A) (a/4) × √(4b² - a²)
    (B) (b/4) × √(4a² - b²)
    (C) (a + b)/4 × √(4a² - b²)
    (D) (a - b)/4 × √(4b² - a²)

6. A spherical lead of radius 20 cm is melted and small lead balls of radius 2 cm are made. The total number of possible small lead balls is:
    (A) 8000
    (B) 800
    (C) 80
    (D) 1000

7. A 10 m wide lawn is cultivated all along the outside of a rectangular plot measuring 100 m × 50 m. the total area of the lawn is:
    (A) 750 m²
    (B) 5000 m²
    (C) 2800 m²
    (D) 2400 m²

8. A right cylinder and a right circular cone have the same radius and same volume. The ratio of the height of the cylinder to that of the cone is:
    (A) 3 : 2
    (B) 2 : 3
    (C) 3 : 1
    (D) 1 : 3

9. The volume of a sphere is (88/21) × (14)3 cm3. The curved surface of this sphere is:
    (A) 2664 cm²
    (B) 2446 cm²
    (C) 2464 cm²
    (D) 2466 cm²

10. A right cylinder vessel is full with water. How many right cones having the same diameter and height at those of the right cylinder will be needed to store that water?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 4
    (D) 8

11. A copper wire having 0.20 cm as the radius of its circular section is 1 m long It is melted and spherical balls of radius 0.20 cm are made. The number of balls that can be made is?
    (A) 300
    (B) 375
    (C) 275
    (D) 350

12. The radii of the bases of a cylinder and a cone are in the ratio 3:4. The height of the cylinder and cone are in the ratio 2:3. Then their volumes are in the ratio:
    (A) 9 : 8
    (B) 8 : 9
    (C) 3 : 4
    (D) 4 : 3

13. A gold bar in the shape of a rectangular solid, 36 cm long, 9 cm broad and 6 cm high, is to be melted and cast into two different cubes, the volume of the bigger being 8 times that of the smaller. The surface area of the smaller cube in cm² is:
    (A) 36
    (B) 216
    (C) 72
    (D) 144

14. If the diameter of the base of a right circular cylinder is ‘r’ and its height is equal to the radius of the base, then its volume is:
    (A) πr3/8
    (B) πr3
    (C) 2πr3
    (D) 4πr3

15. The side of a square is 4 m. The area of the square in m² drawn on its diagonal is:
    (A) 16
    (B) 32
    (C) 16√2
    (D) 32√2

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