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Books and Authors GK Questions - International

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. 'The Gathering Storm' is written by
    (A) Winston Churchill
    (B) George Washington
    (C) Voltaire
    (D) Romain Rolland

2. 'The Naked Face', a very popular book is written by
    (A) Dominique Lapierre
    (B) Larry Collins
    (C) Sidney Sheldon
    (D) Juan Benet

3. The first history book was written by
    (A) Euclid
    (B) Herodotus
    (C) Aristotle
    (D) Julius Caesar

4. The famous character 'Pickwick' was created by
    (A) Steven Spielberg
    (B) Leo Tolstoy
    (C) Walt Disney
    (D) Charles dickens

5. 'The General Happiness is the end of the state' who said this?
    (A) Hegel
    (B) Benthem
    (C) Plato
    (D) Green

6. The creator of 'Sherlock Holmes' was
    (A) Arthur Conan Doyle
    (B) Ian Fleming
    (C) Dr. Watson
    (D) Shakespeare

7. The famous book 'Anna Karenina' written by?
    (A) Boris Pasternak
    (B) Victor Hugo
    (C) Lewis Carroll
    (D) Leo Tolstoy

8. 'Nature never did betray the heart that loved her' is a quotation from
    (A) W. Wordsworth
    (B) J. Baryon
    (C) P. B. Shelly
    (D) J. Keats

9. The book 'A Farewell to Arms' was written by
    (A) Charles Dickens
    (B) Ernest Hemingway
    (C) Thomas Hardy
    (D) Huxley

10. Who is the author of the novel 'Les Miserable'?
    (A) Victor Hugo
    (B) ALium Tofler
    (C) G. Wynne
    (D) Fedric

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