Famous Places in India MCQ online practice Test - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Famous Places in India MCQ online practice Test - Set 09

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. The headquarters of the National Power Training institute is located in
    (A) Pune
    (B) Bhopal
    (C) Faridabad
    (D) Lucknow

2. Indian School of Mines is located in
    (A) Dhanbad
    (B) Asansol
    (C) Tatanagar
    (D) Rourkela

3. 'Vijay Stambha' is situated in
    (A) Jaipur
    (B) Agra
    (C) Delhi
    (D) Chittor

4. The 'satellite freight city' is being developed near which of the following cities?
    (A) New Delhi
    (B) Orissa
    (C) Gurgaon
    (D) Kolkata

5. The world famous 'Khajuraho' sculptures are located in
    (A) Gujarat
    (B) Madhya Pradesh
    (C) Orissa
    (D) Maharashtra

6. 'Kandla' is situated on the Gulf of Kachh is well known for which of the following?
    (A) Export Processing Zone
    (B) Centre for Marine Food products
    (C) Cutting and Polishing of diamonds
    (D) Ship breaking industry

7. Indian Cancer Research institute is located at
    (A) New Delhi
    (B) Kolkata
    (C) Chennai
    (D) Mumbai

8. Ajanta-Ellora caves are situated near
    (A) Ajmer
    (B) Jaipur
    (C) Patna
    (D) Aurangabad

9. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located at
    (A) Pune
    (B) Ahmadabad
    (C) Sriharikota
    (D) Thiruvananthapuram

10. The National Institute of Community Development is located at
    (A) Chennai
    (B) Pant Nagar
    (C) Hyderabad
    (D) Bangalore

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