General Departmental Competitive Examination Indian Railway - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

General Departmental Competitive Examination Indian Railway - Set 09

RRB Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. Which one of the following is expected to have shorter life?
    (A) Steam engine
    (B) Diesel engine
    (C) Electric engine
    (D) Shunting engine

2. When a railway line crosses a valley, a ridge like structure consisting of a series of piers, piles or trestles on which steel girders are placed and which is constructed usually for small spans is known as:
    (A) Bridge
    (B) Tunnel
    (C) Viaduct
    (D) Aqueduct

3. The bent-up length of rail used in front of nose of crossing which help in channelizing the train wheels in their proper routes are known as:
    (A) Lead rail
    (B) Point rail
    (C) Wing rail
    (D) Splice rail

4. Most significant which imposes limitations in raising the high speed is:
    (A) Adhesion of wheels
    (B) Resistance due to oscillations
    (C) Flange resistance
    (D) Air or wind resistance

5. Generally the rail sections used in India is:
    (A) Flat footed
    (B) Double headed
    (C) Bull headed
    (D) All above

6. Wear on top or head of rail occurs due to:
    (A) Abrasion of rolling wheels
    (B) Heavy axle load
    (C) Constant brake application
    (D) Any or all of the above

7. The rails which get battered due to action of wheels over the end of the rails are called:
    (A) Hogged rails
    (B) Roaring rails
    (C) Creep rails
    (D) Bucking rails

8. The process of connecting a track length by an electric circuit is known as track circuiting and the sleepers which are suitable for it are:
    (A) Cast iron sleepers
    (B) Steel sleepers
    (C) Wooden sleepers
    (D) All above are suitable

9. Sand is used as ballast incase of:
    (A) Steel sleepers
    (B) Wooden sleepers
    (C) Reinforced concrete sleepers
    (D) Cast iron sleepers

10. Pandrol clips cannot be used with
    (A) Wooden sleepers
    (B) Concrete sleepers
    (C) CST-9 sleepers
    (D) Steel trough sleepers

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