Indian Railway Departmental Objective Questions Practice - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Indian Railway Departmental Objective Questions Practice - Set 15

RRB Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. The shape of transition curve used by Indian Railways is
    (A) Cubic parabola
    (B) Spiral
    (C) Sine curve
    (D) Lemniscates of Bernoulli

2. In broad gauge, the clear horizontal distance between the inner faces of two parallel rails forming the track is:
    (A) 1 m
    (B) 1.676 m
    (C) 0.6096 m
    (D) 0.792 m

3. Heel divergence is
    (A) Always less than flange-way clearance
    (B) Equal to flange-way clearance
    (C) Always greater than flange-way clearance
    (D) Sometimes greater than flange-way clearance

4. The mechanical device which transfers chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy in the form of motion is called:
    (A) Rolling stock
    (B) Railway
    (C) Wagon
    (D) Locomotive

5. Wear of rails is maximum in weight of
    (A) Tangent track
    (B) Sharp curve
    (C) Tunnels
    (D) Coastal area

6. Which one of the following bolts is not used in rail track?
    (A) Fang bolt
    (B) Eye bolt
    (C) Rag bolt
    (D) Fish bolt

7. The arrangement consisting of three tracks used for changing the direction of engine is called:
    (A) Three ladder track
    (B) Turn table
    (C) Three throw switch
    (D) Triangle

8. The compensation for curvature on gradient for Meter Gauge is given by (where R is radius of curve.)
    (A) 70/R
    (B) 52.5/R
    (C) 35/R
    (D) 105/R

9. The gradient which requires one or more additional locomotive for hauling the load over the gradient is called:
    (A) Up-gradient
    (B) Pusher gradient
    (C) Steep gradient
    (D) Momentum gradient

10. The object of providing a point lock is
    (A) To ensure that each switch is correctly set
    (B) To ensure that the point may not be operated while the train is on it
    (C) To detect any obstruction between and tongue rail
    (D) None of the above

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