Fluid Mechanics online Test - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

Fluid Mechanics online Test - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. A compound pipe is required to be replaced by a new pipe. The two pipes are said to be equivalent, if
    (A) Length of both the pipes is same
    (B) Diameter of both the pipes is same
    (C) Loss of head and discharge of both the pipes is same
    (D) Loss of head and velocity of flow in both the pipes is same

2. The center of gravity of the volume of the liquid displaced by an immersed body is called
    (A) Metacentre
    (B) Center of pressure
    (C) Center of buoyancy
    (D) Center of gravity

3. A flow is called sub-sonic, if the Mach number is
    (A) Less than unity
    (B) Unity
    (C) Between 1 and 6
    (D) More than 6

4. Barometer is used to measure
    (A) Pressure in pipes, channels etc.
    (B) Atmospheric pressure
    (C) Very low pressure
    (D) Difference of pressure between two points

5. The hydraulic gradient line lies over the centre line of the pipe by an amount equal to the
    (A) Pressure head
    (B) Velocity head
    (C) Pressure head + velocity head
    (D) Pressure head - velocity head

6. The center of pressure of a surface subjected to fluid pressure is the point
    (A) On the surface at which resultant pressure acts
    (B) On the surface at which gravitational force acts
    (C) At which all hydraulic forces meet
    (D) Similar to metacentre

7. The variation in the volume of a liquid with the variation of pressure is called its
    (A) Surface tension
    (B) Compressibility
    (C) Capillarity
    (D) Viscosity

8. A model of torpedo is tested in a towing tank at a velocity of 25 m/sec. The prototype is expected to attain a velocity of 5 m/sec. What model scale has been used?
    (A) 1 : 5
    (B) 1 : 2.5
    (C) 1 : 25
    (D) 1 : √5

9. The surface tension of mercury at normal temperature is __________ that of water.
    (A) Same as
    (B) Lower than
    (C) Higher than
    (D) None of these

10. Flow of water in a pipe about 3 meters in diameter can be measured by
    (A) Orifice plate
    (B) Venturimeter
    (C) Rotameter
    (D) Pitot tube

11. According to Francis formula, the discharge over a rectangular weir is (where n = Number of end contractions)
    (A) (2/3) × Cd (L - nH) × √(2gh)
    (B) (2/3) × Cd (L - 0.1nH) × √(2g) × H3/2
    (C) (2/3) × Cd (L - nH) × √(2g) × H²
    (D) (2/3) × Cd (L - nH) × √(2g) × H5/2

12. The equation of continuity holds good when the flow
    (A) Is steady
    (B) Is one dimensional
    (C) Velocity is uniform at all the cross sections
    (D) All of the above

13. A thick liquid like syrup has a __________ viscosity than a light liquid like water.
    (A) Lesser
    (B) Greater
    (C) Same
    (D) None of these

14. Cavitation will begin when
    (A) The pressure at any location reaches an absolute pressure equal to the saturated vapour pressure of the liquid
    (B) Pressure becomes more than critical pressure
    (C) Flow is increased
    (D) Pressure is increased

15. When a liquid is flowing through a pipe, the velocity of the liquid is
    (A) Maximum at the centre and minimum near the walls
    (B) Minimum at the centre and maximum near the walls
    (C) Zero at the centre and maximum near the walls
    (D) Maximum at the centre and zero near the walls

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