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Mechanical Engineering Hydraulics online Test - Set 22

Practice Test: Question Set - 22

1. When a cylindrical vessel containing liquid is revolved about its vertical axis at a constant angular velocity, the pressure
    (A) Varies as the square of the radial distance
    (B) Increases linearly as its radial distance
    (C) Increases as the square of the radial distance
    (D) Decreases as the square of the radial distance

2. Property of a fluid by which its own molecules are attracted is called
    (A) Adhesion
    (B) Cohesion
    (C) Viscosity
    (D) Compressibility

3. According to Bazin's formula, the discharge over a rectangular weir is mL2g x H3/2where m is equal to
    (A) 0.405 + (0.003/H)
    (B) 0.003 + (0.405/H)
    (C) 0.405 + (H/0.003)
    (D) 0.003 + (H/0.405)

4. Which of the following is the unit of kinematic viscosity?
    (A) Pascal
    (B) Poise
    (C) Stoke
    (D) Faraday

5. The length AB of a pipe ABC in which the liquid is flowing has diameter (d1) and is suddenly contracted to diameter (d2) at B which is constant for the length BC. The loss of head due to sudden contraction, assuming coefficient of contraction as 0.62, is
    (A) v₁²/2g
    (B) v₂²/2g
    (C) 0.5 v₁²/2g
    (D) 0.375 v₂²/2g

6. Operation of McLeod gauge used for low pressure measurement is based on the principle of
    (A) Gas law
    (B) Boyle's law
    (C) Charles law
    (D) Pascal's law

7. Reynold's number is the ratio of the inertia force to the
    (A) Surface tension force
    (B) Viscous force
    (C) Gravity force
    (D) Elastic force

8. A piece weighing 3 kg in air was found to weigh 2.5 kg when submerged in water. Its specific gravity is
    (A) 1
    (B) 5
    (C) 7
    (D) 6

9. A differential manometer is used to measure
    (A) Atmospheric pressure
    (B) Pressure in pipes and channels
    (C) Pressure in Venturimeter
    (D) Difference of pressures between two points in a pipe

10. In a lock-gate, the reaction between two gates is (where P = Resultant pressure on the lock gate, and α = Inclination of the gate with the normal to the side of the lock)
    (A) p/sinα
    (B) 2p/sinα
    (C) p/2sinα
    (D) 2p/sin (α/2)

11. In a venturi-flume, the flow takes place at
    (A) Atmospheric pressure
    (B) Gauge pressure
    (C) Absolute pressure
    (D) None of these

12. The normal stress is same in all directions at a point in a fluid
    (A) Only when the fluid is frictionless
    (B) Only when the fluid is incompressible and has zero viscosity
    (C) When there is no motion of one fluid layer relative to an adjacent layer
    (D) Irrespective of the motion of one fluid layer relative to an adjacent layer

13. The highest efficiency is obtained with a channel of __________ section.
    (A) Circular
    (B) Square
    (C) Rectangular
    (D) Trapezoidal

14. A vertical wall is subjected to a pressure due to one kind of liquid, on one of its sides. The total pressure on the wall per unit length is (where w = Specific weight of liquid, and H = Height of liquid)
    (A) wH
    (B) wH/2
    (C) wH2/2
    (D) wH2/3

15. Which of the following manometer has highest sensitivity?
    (A) U-tube with water
    (B) Inclined U-tube
    (C) U-tube with mercury
    (D) Micro-manometer with water

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