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Objective Type Questions on Hydraulics - Set 30

Practice Test: Question Set - 30

1. The discharge through an external mouthpiece is given by (where a = Cross-sectional area of the mouthpiece, and H = Height of liquid above the mouthpiece)
    (A) 0.855 a.√(2gH)
    (B) 1.855 aH.√(2g)
    (C) 1.585 a.√(2gH)
    (D) 5.85 aH.√(2g)

2. If 850 kg liquid occupies volume of one cubic meter, men 0.85 represents its
    (A) Specific weight
    (B) Specific mass
    (C) Specific gravity
    (D) Specific density

3. The discharge over a rectangular notch is (where b = Width of notch, and H = Height of liquid, above the sill of the notch)
    (A) (2/3) Cd × b × √(2gH)
    (B) (2/3) Cd × b × √(2g) × H
    (C) (2/3) Cd × b × √(2g) × H3/2
    (D) (2/3) Cd × b × √(2g) × H2

4. A metal with specific gravity of 'a' floating in a fluid of same specific gravity 'a' will
    (A) Sink to bottom
    (B) Float over fluid
    (C) Partly immersed
    (D) Be fully immersed with top surface at fluid surface

5. In a short cylindrical external mouthpiece, the vena contracta occurs at a distance __________ the diameter of the orifice from the outlet of orifice.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) One-fourth
    (C) One-third
    (D) One-half

6. A submerged body is said to be in a stable equilibrium, if its centre of gravity __________ the centre of buoyancy.
    (A) Coincides with
    (B) Lies below
    (C) Lies above
    (D) None of these

7. The power transmitted through the nozzle is maximum when the head lost due to friction in the pipe is __________ of the total supply head.
    (A) One-half
    (B) One-third
    (C) Two-third
    (D) None of these

8. In the case of steady flow of a fluid, the acceleration of any fluid particle is
    (A) Constant
    (B) Variable
    (C) Zero
    (D) Zero under limiting conditions

9. The pressure at a point in a fluid will not be same in all the directions when the fluid is
    (A) Moving
    (B) Viscous
    (C) Viscous and static
    (D) Viscous and moving

10. The pressure of air __________ with the increase of height from the surface of the earth.
    (A) Does not change
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Increases
    (D) None of these

11. Froude's number is the ratio of inertia force to
    (A) Pressure force
    (B) Elastic force
    (C) Gravity force
    (D) Surface tension force

12. The pressure measured with the help of a Piezometer tube is in
    (A) N/mm2
    (B) N/m2
    (C) Head of liquid
    (D) All of these

13. The total energy line lies over the centre line of the pipe by an amount equal to
    (A) Pressure head
    (B) Velocity head
    (C) Pressure head + velocity head
    (D) Pressure head - velocity head

14. Water is a __________ fluid.
    (A) Real
    (B) Ideal
    (C) Newtonian
    (D) Non-Newtonian

15. The resultant of all normal pressures acts
    (A) At C.G. of body
    (B) At center of pressure
    (C) Vertically upwards
    (D) At metacentre

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