Basic Computer Knowledge GK Questions - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Computer Knowledge GK Questions - Set 09

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. What is LCP?
    (A) Local Connection Protocol
    (B) Lost Connection Problem
    (C) Link Control Protocol
    (D) Laggy Connection Problem

2. What does the abbreviation "http" stand for?
    (A) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    (B) High Task Termination Procedure
    (C) Harvard Teletext Proof
    (D) Hindustan Times Technical Professionals

3. ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet, was developed by:
    (A) FAA
    (B) Department of Defense
    (C) NATO
    (D) UART

4. What is a spider?
    (A) A computer virus
    (B) A program that catalogs Web sites
    (C) A hacker who breaks into computer systems
    (D) An application for viewing Web sites

5. Which of the following is not a part of the Internet?
    (A) World Wide Web
    (B) Email
    (C) CD-ROM
    (D) HTTP

6. The abbreviation URL stands for:
    (A) User Regulation Law
    (B) Unknown RAM Load
    (C) Uniform Resource Locator
    (D) Ultimate RAM Locator

7. What is the Websites code for the country Mongolia?
    (A) MN
    (B) ML
    (C) MG
    (D) MO

8. What is not always necessary for accessing the Web?
    (A) A Web browser
    (B) A connection to an Internet Access Provider
    (C) A computer
    (D) A modem

9. On what date was the debut of the first IBM Personal Computer?
    (A) August 12, 1981
    (B) January 21 1979
    (C) August 21, 1980
    (D) January 12, 1982

10. A computer virus that actively attacks an anti-virus program or programs in an effort to prevent detection is:
    (A) Worm
    (B) Retrovirus
    (C) Trojan
    (D) Ghost virus

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