Basic Computer Science GK Questions and Answers - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Computer Science GK Questions and Answers

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. What is the Websites code for the country United Kingdom?
    (A) GB
    (B) UK
    (C) EN
    (D) EG

2. What is a MAC?
    (A) A Computer made by Apple
    (B) Memory Address Corruption
    (C) Mediocre Apple Computer
    (D) Media Access Control

3. This virus activated every Friday the 13th, affects both .EXE and .COM files and deletes any programs run on that day. What is the name of that virus?
    (A) Chernobyl
    (B) Jerusalem
    (C) Melissa
    (D) I Love You

4. A program that neither replicates or copies itself, but does damage or compromises the security of the computer. Which 'Computer Virus' it is?
    (A) Joke Program
    (B) Worm
    (C) Trojan
    (D) Hoax

5. What is the Websites code for the country New Zealand?
    (A) NZ
    (B) NW
    (C) NE
    (D) ZL

6. Which Intel chip was the first to support a 32-bit bus architecture?
    (A) 486 SI
    (B) Pentium
    (C) 286
    (D) 386 DX

7. What does ECP stand for?
    (A) Extended Capabilities Port
    (B) Extra Compatible Part
    (C) Extended Connection Port
    (D) External Cordless Peripheral

8. The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:
    (A) Netscape
    (B) Veronica
    (C) Mosaic
    (D) Explorer

9. What is RISC?
    (A) Remodeled Interface System Computer
    (B) Remote Intranet Secured Connection
    (C) Runtime Instruction Set Compiler
    (D) Reduced Instruction Set Computer

10. What does ICMP stand for?
    (A) Internet Connection Modem Protocol
    (B) Intranet Control Message Program
    (C) Internal Conflict Management Program
    (D) Internet Control Message Protocol

11. What is a NIC?
    (A) Netware Intranet Controller
    (B) No Internet Connection
    (C) Network Interface Card
    (D) Network Interference Control

12. The Internet was developed in the:
    (A) Early 1990s
    (B) Late 1980s
    (C) Early 1970s
    (D) Late 1960s

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