Highway Engineering Objective Questions Test - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Highway Engineering Objective Questions Test - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Group index method of design of flexible pavement is
    (A) A theoretical method
    (B) An empirical method based on physical properties of sub-grade soil
    (C) An empirical method based on strength characteristics of sub-grade soil
    (D) A semi empirical method

2. Which of the following is considered to be the highest quality construction in the group of black top pavements?
    (A) Mastic asphalt
    (B) Sheet asphalt
    (C) Bituminous carpet
    (D) Bituminous concrete

3. Los Angeles testing machine is used to conduct
    (A) Abrasion test
    (B) Impact test
    (C) Attrition test
    (D) Crushing strength test

4. When the width of car parking space and width of street are limited, generally preferred parking system is
    (A) Parallel parking
    (B) 45° angle parking
    (C) 65° angle parking
    (D) 90° angle parking

5. When the bituminous surfacing is done on already existing black top road or over existing cement concrete road, the type of treatment given is
    (A) Seal coat
    (B) Tack coat
    (C) Prime coat
    (D) Spray of emulsion

6. In the penetration macadam construction, the bitumen is
    (A) Sprayed after the aggregates are spread and compacted
    (B) Premixed with aggregates and then spread
    (C) Sprayed before the aggregates are spread and compacted
    (D) None of the above

7. The drain which is provided parallel to roadway to intercept and divert the water from hill slopes is known as
    (A) Sloping drain
    (B) Catch-water drain
    (C) Side drain
    (D) Cross drain

8. The function of an expansion joint in rigid pavements is to
    (A) Relieve warping stresses
    (B) Relieve shrinkage stresses
    (C) Resist stresses due to expansion
    (D) Allow free expansion

9. Select the correct statement.
    (A) More the value of group index, less thickness of pavement will be required
    (B) More the value of CBR, greater thickness of pavement will be required
    (C) Minimum and maximum values of group index can be 0 and 20 respectively
    (D) All of the above

10. Penetration test on bitumen is used for determining its
    (A) Grade
    (B) Viscosity
    (C) Ductility
    (D) Temperature susceptibility

11. In soils having same values of plasticity index, if liquid limit is increased, then
    (A) Compressibility and permeability decrease and dry strength increases
    (B) Compressibility, permeability and dry strength decrease
    (C) Compressibility, permeability and dry strength increase
    (D) Compressibility and permeability increase and dry strength decreases

12. The maximum limit of water absorption for aggregate suitable for road construction is
    (A) 0.4 %
    (B) 0.6 %
    (C) 0.8 %
    (D) 1.0 %

13. The critical combination of stresses for corner region in cement concrete roads is
    (A) Load stress + warping stress frictional stress
    (B) Load stress + warping stress + frictional stress
    (C) Load stress + warping stress
    (D) Load stress + frictional stress

14. In highway construction, rolling starts from
    (A) Sides and proceed to center
    (B) Center and proceed to sides
    (C) One side and proceed to other side
    (D) Any of the above

15. The most economical lighting layout which is suitable for narrow roads is
    (A) Single side lighting
    (B) Staggered system
    (C) Central lighting system
    (D) None of the above

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