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International Days & Years General Knowledge Quiz

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. John F. Kennedy, President of USA, died on
    (A) 1963
    (B) 1964
    (C) 1965
    (D) 1966

2. King Hammurabi raised the first army of the world in
    (A) 2000 BC
    (B) 1500 BC
    (C) 1480 BC
    (D) 1027 BC

3. During the first crusade, crusaders reached Jerusalem and captured it in
    (A) 1000 AD
    (B) 1099 AD
    (C) 1200 AD
    (D) 1515 AD

4. In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?
    (A) 1914
    (B) 1915
    (C) 1916
    (D) 1917

5. In which year a resolution 'Uniting for Peace' was adopted by UN General Assembly?
    (A) 1950
    (B) 1960
    (C) 1965
    (D) 1980

6. Human Rights Day is on
    (A) 24 February
    (B) 10 December
    (C) 15 May
    (D) 21 July

7. 1981 was the international year of the
    (A) Disabled
    (B) Women
    (C) Children
    (D) Blind

8. The year 1985 was declared as the International Year of
    (A) Blind
    (B) Youth
    (C) Children
    (D) Gandhi Women

9. Which day is observed as World Food Day?
    (A) September 10
    (B) August 16
    (C) November 4
    (D) October 16

10. When did US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin land on the moon?
    (A) July 21, 1969
    (B) July 21, 1970
    (C) July 21, 1963
    (D) July 21, 1972

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