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Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. What is a GPU?
    (A) Grouped Processing Unit
    (B) Graphics Processing Unit
    (C) Graphical Performance Utility
    (D) Graphical Portable Unit

2. What does DOCSIS stand for?
    (A) Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
    (B) Data Over Cable Security Internet Standard
    (C) Data Over Cable Secure International Standard
    (D) Data Over Cable Service Internet Standard

3. What is VCM?
    (A) Virtual Connection Manager
    (B) Virtual Channel Memory
    (C) Voice Controlled Modem
    (D) Voice Communications Module

4. What was the clock speed of the original IBM PC?
    (A) Less than 5 MHz
    (B) 10 MHz
    (C) 8 MHz
    (D) Just over 16 MHz

5. What is NAT?
    (A) Network Address Translation
    (B) Network Administration Tool
    (C) Novell Address Transfer
    (D) Newly Added Technology

6. The invention of the transistor, or semiconductor, was one of the most important developments leading to the personal computer revolution. What company invented the transistor in 1947?
    (A) International Business Machines
    (B) MITS
    (C) Xerox
    (D) Bell Laboratories

7. What is TTL?
    (A) Technical Talk Language
    (B) Transparent Transfer Layer
    (C) Time To Live
    (D) True Technology Lives

8. What does PPTP stand for?
    (A) Point to Point Transmission Protocol
    (B) Point to Point Transfer Protocol
    (C) Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
    (D) Point to Point Traffic Protocol

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