Test Quiz Mechanical Engineering - Set 22 - ObjectiveBooks

Test Quiz Mechanical Engineering - Set 22

Quiz Questions

01. Only vertical lines behind the picture plane are foreshortened.

02. Any object can be viewed from six mutually perpendicular views.

03. Drawings are usually made to a scale, which is indicated in the title block.

04. In working drawings, showing two detailed parts per sheet is typically preferred.

05. Dimetric drawings have different foreshortening along all three axis directions.

06. Parallel lines converge toward a single point on the horizon called the vanishing point.

07. Width is shown in the rear, top, front, and bottom views.

08. Longer dimension lines are nearest the object outline.

09. In assembly drawings, views should show how the parts fit together and suggest the function of the unit.

10. Isometric sectioning is typically not used when drawing open or irregularly shaped objects.

11. Lines that are parallel to the picture plane remain parallel to one another and do not converge to a vanishing point.

12. Visible lines always take precedence over hidden lines or centerlines.

13. A set of two mutually perpendicular datum planes is required for coordinate dimensioning.

14. With constraint based modeling software, assembly constraints create relationships between modelled parts.

15. Isometric drawings have equal foreshortening along each of the three axis directions.

16. Perspective drawings are classified according to their number of ground lines.

17. The rear, left-side, front, and right-side views align horizontally.

18. The nominal size of a feature is the exact measurement of the feature after the tolerance has been applied to it.

19. Working drawings are not legal documents.

20. If a circle lies in a plane that is not parallel to the plane of projection, it still projects as a circle.

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