Test Quiz Mechanical Engineering - Set 23 - ObjectiveBooks

Test Quiz Mechanical Engineering - Set 23

Quiz Questions

01. The position of the observer's eye is called the station point.

02. The profile plane is the plane upon which the side view is projected.

03. Dimension lines should not cross extension lines.

04. The U.S. Patent Office has strict requirements for patent drawings.

05. CAD component layout programs allow you to create the best possible parts placement.

06. The symbol for the desired weld is attached to the reference line, or shank, of the arrow.

07. A heavy straight line should be drawn under all dimension values that are to scale.

08. A skeleton assembly can be used to define locations of individual parts in an assembly.

09. Terminals or leads are frequently identified by colors or symbols, which should be indicated on the diagram.

10. A groove weld is a type of arc and gas weld.

11. It is always acceptable to dimension to a hidden feature.

12. All parallel lines that are not parallel to the picture plane vanish at a point.

13. Printed circuit boards are widely used and replace hand-wiring methods.

14. A fillet weld is a type of resistance weld.

15. When designing mechanical devices, the designer must consider what the allowable variation in size between mating parts can be.

16. All lines in the picture plane are shown in their true lengths.

17. Connecting lines for conductors are typically drawn horizontally or vertically to minimize bends and crossovers.

18. Welding is often more expensive when only one or a few identical parts are required.

19. The inch is the commonly used unit for most metric engineering drawings.

20. The vanishing point is the intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane.

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