Basic Electrical GK Questions and Answers - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Electrical GK Questions and Answers

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. The insulation resistance of cables, transformers etc is measured by following instrument
    (A) Wheatstone bridge
    (B) Kelvin bridge
    (C) Meggar
    (D) Decade box

2. A watt meter can be connected to a high current circuit by using
    (A) Eddy current transformer
    (B) Potential transformer
    (C) Current transformer
    (D) Shunt

3. The Wheatstone bridge is used to measure
    (A) Low value of current
    (B) High value of current
    (C) High value of voltage
    (D) Resistance value

4. The internal resistance of all milliammeter must be very low for
    (A) High resistance
    (B) High accuracy
    (C) Maximum voltage drop across the meter
    (D) Minimum effect on the current in the circuit

5. The internal resistance of the voltmeter must be very high in order to have
    (A) High voltage range
    (B) Minimum current through the meter
    (C) Maximum loading effect
    (D) More current supplied by the voltage source

6. Friction losses are more in the following type of instrument
    (A) Dynamometer type
    (B) Moving coil type
    (C) Moving iron type
    (D) Null balance type

7. A D.C voltmeter can be directly used to measure
    (A) Power factor
    (B) Insulation resistance
    (C) Frequency
    (D) Polarity

8. Large current in D.C circuits can be measured with
    (A) Current transformer and voltmeter
    (B) Potential transformer and millivoltmeter
    (C) Shunt and millivoltmeter
    (D) R-C network and voltmeter

9. Which of the following indicators is suitable only for direct current?
    (A) Permanent magnet
    (B) Electro-dynamic
    (C) Moving iron
    (D) Hot wire

10. The scale of a moving coil meter is
    (A) Linear
    (B) Non-linear
    (C) Logarithmic
    (D) Uniform initially and then cramped

11. Bolometer is used in measurement of
    (A) Microwave power
    (B) Microwave current
    (C) R.F power
    (D) Audio power

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