Indian Politics General Knowledge Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Indian Politics General Knowledge Questions - Set 03

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Guwahati High Court is the judicature of
    (A) Nagaland
    (B) Arunachal Pradesh
    (C) Assam
    (D) All of the above

2. In India, Chairman of Planning Commission is the
    (A) Prime Minister
    (B) President
    (C) Finance Minister
    (D) Governor of RBI

3. The Cabinet Mission was sent to India
    (A) To establish a national government
    (B) To work out a constitutional arrangement for the transfer of power
    (C) To accede to Jinnah’s demand for Pakistan and work out its details
    (D) None of the above

4. Who was the first Governor-General of free India?
    (A) Lord Mountbatten
    (B) C. Rajagopalachari
    (C) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
    (D) Babu Rajendra Prasad

5. Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution have been taken from the
    (A) Russian Constitution
    (B) U.S. Constitution
    (C) British Constitution
    (D) Act of 1935

6. The members of Rajya Sabha are
    (A) Elected by the elected members o Lok Sabha
    (B) Elected by the elected members of the State assemblies
    (C) Elected by the members of the Lok Sabha and the State assemblies
    (D) Nominated by the Governors of each state

7. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments has included fundamental duties into the Constitution?
    (A) 42nd
    (B) 43rd
    (C) 44th
    (D) 39th

8. The National Emblem was adopted by Government of India on
    (A) January 26, 1950
    (B) August 15, 1947
    (C) August 2, 1950
    (D) July 12, 1947

9. The mind and ideals of the farmers of Indian Constitution are reflected in 
    (A) The Preamble
    (B) The Fundamental Rights
    (C) The Directive Principles of State Policy
    (D) The Independent Judiciary

10. In India, Election Commission holds election only for
    (A) The parliament
    (B) The parliament and State Legislative Assemblies
    (C) The parliament, State Legislative Assemblies and State Legislative Council 
    (D) The parliament, State Legislature, President and Vice-President

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