MCQ GK Quiz Questions on Indian Geography - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ GK Quiz Questions on Indian Geography - Set 07

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Which of the following is a peninsular river of India?
    (A) Gandak
    (B) Kosi
    (C) Krishna
    (D) Sutlej

2. The Yarlung Zangbo River, in India, is known as
    (A) Ganga
    (B) Indus
    (C) Brahmaputra
    (D) Mahanadi

3. The typical area of sal forest in the Indian peninsular upland occurs
    (A) On the western ghats
    (B) Between the Tapti and the Narmada
    (C) To the north-east of the Godavari
    (D) On the Malwa plateau

4. The south-west monsoon contributes _________ of the total rain in India.
    (A) 86 %
    (B) 50 %
    (C) 22 %
    (D) 100 %

5. The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by
    (A) The Naga hills
    (B) The Garo hills
    (C) Khasi hills
    (D) The Jaintia hills

6. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about
    (A) 45 %
    (B) 65 %
    (C) 35 %
    (D) 25 %

7. The northern boundary of the peninsular plateau of Indian runs parallel to the Ganga and the Yamuna from Rajmahal hills to a point near
    (A) Allahabad
    (B) Delhi
    (C) Gwalior
    (D) Jaipur

8. Which of the following dams has generations of power more than irrigation as its main purpose?
    (A) Gandhi Sagar
    (B) Hirakud
    (C) Periyar
    (D) Tungabhadra

9. The significant shifts in Indian agriculture during green revolution include
    (A) Non-food grains reported some spectacular progress and shift in the cropping pattern
    (B) Major food grains, in the eastern regions productions decreased and in the northern states increased
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of the above

10. Which of the following factors are responsible for present crisis in the jute industry in India?
    I. The decline in overseas market
    II. Inadequately supply of raw jute
    III. Stiff competition from synthetic packing materials
    Select the correct answer from the codes given below
    (A) I and II
    (B) I, II and III
    (C) I and III
    (D) II and III

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