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Quiz Questions and Answers Days and Years

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. The last or 13th NAM (Non-aligned Movement) conference was held on
    (A) September 2000 at Jakarta (Indonesia)
    (B) September 2001 at Cartagene
    (C) September 2002 at Durban
    (D) September 2003 at Kuala Lumper

2. The date of operation of first open heart surgery in India was
    (A) July 6, 1959
    (B) August 12, 1991
    (C) June 20, 1990
    (D) January 11, 1985

3. The corresponding Gregorian date of the saka month, Bhadra is
    (A) July 23
    (B) August 23
    (C) September 23
    (D) October 23

4. National Anthem was first sung on
    (A) December 27, 1911 during the Indian National Congress Session at Calcutta
    (B) January 24, 1950 by the Constituent Assembly of India
    (C) January 26, 1959 by the Government of India
    (D) None of the above

5. The first batch of women pilots was commissioned on
    (A) August 30, 1992
    (B) December 17, 1994
    (C) January 11, 1987
    (D) None of the above

6. When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
    (A) 1948
    (B) 1951
    (C) 1958
    (D) 1971

7. The first permanent Indian oceanographic station, 'Dakshin Gangotry' during Antarctic Expedition, was set up in
    (A) April/March 1984
    (B) Dec. 1982/Jan 1983
    (C) Nov. 1985/Feb 1986
    (D) Dec. 1988/March 1989

8. The Indian Air Force celebrated its Golden Jubilee in
    (A) 1962
    (B) 1972
    (C) 1982
    (D) 1992

9. The Indian space programme began in
    (A) 1961
    (B) 1962
    (C) 1965
    (D) 1969

10. When is the Haryana Day?
    (A) September 1
    (B) October 1
    (C) November 1
    (D) December 1

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