Research & Developments India Quiz Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Research & Developments India Quiz Questions - Set 02

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. India's first ocean wave's energy project was launched in
    (A) 1981
    (B) 1991
    (C) 1995
    (D) 2000

2. India's first fast breeder neutron reactor was
    (A) Zerlina
    (B) Apsara
    (C) Purnima-I
    (D) Kamini

3. What was the code name of the operation to conduct nuclear test at Pokhran in May 1998?
    (A) Shakti
    (B) Hansa
    (C) Buddha
    (D) Shiva

4. The Uri Hydroelectric project is located in
    (A) Jammu and Kashmir
    (B) Himachal Pradesh
    (C) Uttar Pradesh
    (D) Haryana

5. Which launch vehicle is capable of placing around 1540 kg of INSAT class of satellites in geosynchronous transfer orbit of earth?
    (A) SLV-S
    (B) PSLV
    (C) ASLV
    (D) GSLV

6. The Enron project is a
    (A) Hydro-electric project
    (B) Thermal power project
    (C) Atomic power project
    (D) Gas-fired power project

7. The first launch of the missile 'Trishul' was made in
    (A) February, 1988
    (B) May, 1989
    (C) June, 1990
    (D) September, 1995

8. The range of missile Agni is approximately
    (A) 150 km
    (B) 1200-2000 km
    (C) 500 m to 9 km
    (D) 4 km

9. When did India enter into space age by launching the satellite 'Aryabhatta'?
    (A) 1966
    (B) 1932
    (C) 1975
    (D) 1990

10. Name the indigenously-built multi-barrel rocket launcher which was test fired in March 1999.
    (A) Nag
    (B) Pinaka
    (C) Rohini
    (D) Agni

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