Multiple Choice Questions on Steam Turbines and Engines - Set 21 - ObjectiveBooks

Multiple Choice Questions on Steam Turbines and Engines - Set 21

Practice Test: Question Set - 21

1. Pour point of fuel oil is the
    (A) Lowest temperature at which oil will flow under set condition
    (B) Storage temperature
    (C) Temperature at which fuel is pumped through burners
    (D) Temperature at which oil is transported

2. The steam leaves the nozzle at a
    (A) High pressure and a low velocity
    (B) High pressure and a high velocity
    (C) Low pressure and a low velocity
    (D) Low pressure and a high velocity

3. A condenser where circulating water flows through tubes which are surrounded by steam, in known as
    (A) Surface condenser
    (B) Jet condenser
    (C) Barometric condenser
    (D) Evaporative condenser

4. Maximum energy loss in a boiler occurs due to
    (A) Unburnt carbon in ash
    (B) Incomplete combustion
    (C) Ash content
    (D) Flue gases

5. The friction in the nozzle __________ exit velocity of steam.
    (A) Has no effect on
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Increases
    (D) None of these

6. The function of an eccentric rod is
    (A) To provide reciprocating motion to the slide valve
    (B) To convert reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crank
    (C) To convert rotary motion of the crankshaft into to and fro motion of the valve rod
    (D) To provide simple harmonic motion to the D-slide valve

7. In water wall furnace, the heat is transferred to the water walls by
    (A) Convection
    (B) Radiation
    (C) Conduction
    (D) Radiation and conduction

8. The efficiency of reaction turbine is maximum when (where α = Angle made by the absolute velocity ‘V’ at inlet)
    (A) Vb = 0.5 V cosα
    (B) Vb = V cos α
    (C) Vb = 0.5 cosα
    (D) Vb = cos α

9. When the speed of the crankshaft is between 100 r.p.m. and 250 r.p.m., the engine said to be a
    (A) Slow speed engine
    (B) Medium speed steam engine
    (C) High speed steam engine
    (D) None of these

10. The latent heat of steam at pressures greater than atmospheric in comparison to latent heat at atmospheric pressure is
    (A) Less
    (B) More
    (C) Equal
    (D) May be less or more depending on temperature

11. The efficiency of steam turbines may be improved by
    (A) Reheating of steam
    (B) Regenerative feed heating
    (C) Binary vapor plant
    (D) Any one of these

12. In a uniflow engine
    (A) Steam enters and exhausts through the same port
    (B) Steam enters at one end and exhausts at the centre
    (C) Steam enters at the centre and exhausts at the other end
    (D) None of the above

13. In an experiment to determine dryness fraction of steam, the mass of water separated was 1.2 kg in 15 mts. and the mass of steam passed out in same time was 4.8 kg. Dryness fraction is
    (A) 40 %
    (B) 25 %
    (C) 50 %
    (D) 80 %

14. The critical pressure ratio is given by (where p₁ = Initial pressure of steam, and p₂ = Pressure of steam at throat or critical pressure)
    (A) p₁. p₂
    (B) p₁/p₂
    (C) p₂/p₁
    (D) p₁ + p₂

15. Which of the following is a water tube boiler?
    (A) Lancashire boiler
    (B) Babcock and Wilcox boiler
    (C) Locomotive boiler
    (D) Cochran boiler

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