Objective Type Questions for Design of Machine Elements - Set 34 - ObjectiveBooks

Objective Type Questions for Design of Machine Elements - Set 34

Practice Test: Question Set - 34

1. The ball bearings are provided with a cage
    (A) To reduce friction
    (B) To facilitate slipping of balls
    (C) To prevent the lubricant from flowing out
    (D) To maintain the balls at a fixed distance apart

2. A single strap butt joint is always in __________ shear.
    (A) Single
    (B) Double
    (C) Triple share
    (D) None of these

3. The cam follower extensively used in aircraft engines is
    (A) Knife edge follower
    (B) Flat faced follower
    (C) Spherical faced follower
    (D) Roller follower

4. The shear stress in a beam varies from zero at the outer fibers to a maximum at the________.
    (A) Neutral surface
    (B) Upper surface
    (C) Lower surface
    (D) None of these

5. In helical gears, the distance parallel to the axis, between similar faces of adjacent teeth, is called
    (A) Normal pitch
    (B) Axial pitch
    (C) Diametral pitch
    (D) Module

6. The velocity factor for precision metallic gears cut with high accuracy and operating at velocities up to 20 m/s is equal to
    (A) 0.75/ (0.75 + √v)
    (B) 3/ (3 + v)
    (C) 4.5/ (4.5 + v)
    (D) 6/ (6 + v)

7. In case of pressure vessels having open ends, the fluid pressure induces
    (A) Longitudinal stress
    (B) Circumferential stress
    (C) Shear stress
    (D) None of these

8. When the bolt is very yielding as compared to the connected members, then the resultant load on the bolt will be equal to the
    (A) Initial tension
    (B) External load applied
    (C) Sum of the initial tension and external load applied
    (D) Initial tension or external load, whichever is greater

9. The value of Lewis form factor used in design of gears is
    (A) Dependent on number of teeth of a gear
    (B) Dependent on system of teeth
    (C) Independent of size of teeth
    (D) All of these

10. Factor of safety for fatigue loading is the ratio of
    (A) Elastic limit to the working stress
    (B) Elastic limit to the yield point
    (C) Endurance limit to the working stress
    (D) Young's modulus to the ultimate tensile strength

11. If T is the actual number of teeth on a helical gear and φ is the helix angle for the teeth, then formative number of teeth is written as
    (A) T sec3φ
    (B) T sec²φ
    (C) T/sec3φ
    (D) T cosecφ

12. The stress which vary from a minimum value to a maximum value of the same nature (i.e. tensile or compressive) is called
    (A) Repeated stress
    (B) Yield stress
    (C) Fluctuating stress
    (D) Alternating stress

13. A screw is said to be a self locking screw, if its efficiency is
    (A) Less than 50%
    (B) More than 50%
    (C) Equal to 50%
    (D) None of these

14. In designing a key, it is assumed that the distribution of forces along the length of key
    (A) Varies linearly
    (B) Is uniform throughout
    (C) Varies exponentially, being more at the torque-input end
    (D) Varies exponentially, being less at the torque-input end

15. The design of the pressure vessel is based on
    (A) Longitudinal stress
    (B) Hoop stress
    (C) Longitudinal and hoop stress
    (D) None of these

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