Airport Civil Engineering Quiz questions and answers - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Airport Civil Engineering Quiz questions and answers - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The centre line of the approach area coincides with that of the runway
    (B) Approach areas are measured in horizontal surfaces
    (C) Obstruction clearance surface and approach surface are same
    (D) All the above

2. According to I.C.A.O. all markings on the runways are painted white and on taxiways
    (A) Black
    (B) Red
    (C) Yellow
    (D) Green

3. The slope of the obstruction clearance line from the boundary of the heliport should be
    (A) 1 : 2
    (B) 1 : 5
    (C) 1 : 8
    (D) 1 : 40

4. If lift off distance of an craft is 2000 m, the clear way at the end of the runway should not be less than
    (A) 145 m
    (B) 152.5 m
    (C) 162.5 m
    (D) 172.5 m

5. The height of the pilot's eye above the runway surface is assumed
    (A) 1 m
    (B) 3 m
    (C) 4 m
    (D) 5 m

6. The coordinates of the ends of a runway are (5000, 5000) and (8000, 7000). The co-ordinates of another runway are (4600, 5100) and (7000, 5300). The co-ordinates of the A.R.P. are
    (A) (6500, 6000)
    (B) (5800, 5200)
    (C) (61500, 5600)
    (D) (8000, 7000)

7. The fuse large includes
    (A) Passengers chamber
    (B) Pilot's cabin
    (C) Tail of aircraft
    (D) All the above

8. According to I.C.A.O. the recommended length of air ports is decided on
    (A) Sea level elevation
    (B) Standard sea level temperature (15°C)
    (C) Effective gradient percentage
    (D) All the above

9. The lift off distance is the distance along the centre of the runway between the starting point and
    (A) End of the runway
    (B) End of stop-way
    (C) Point where air craft becomes air borne
    (D) Point where air craft attains a height of 10.7 m

10. For the proposed runway stated in if the aerodrome reference temperature is 17°.2, the net designed length of the runway is
    (A) 2716 m
    (B) 2816 m
    (C) 2916 m
    (D) 3016 m

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