A.C Circuits online Practice Test - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

A.C Circuits online Practice Test - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which of the following refers to a parallel circuit?
    (A) The current through each element is same
    (B) The voltage across element is in proportion to it's resistance value
    (C) The equivalent resistance is greater than any one of the resistors
    (D) The current through any one element is less than the source current

2. The frequency of domestic power supply in India is
    (A) 200 Hz
    (B) 100 Hz
    (C) 60 Hz
    (D) 50 Hz

3. The frequency of an alternating current is
    (A) The speed with which the alternator runs
    (B) The number of cycles generated in one minute
    (C) The number of waves passing through a point in one second
    (D) The number of electrons passing through a point in one second

4. In a pure inductive circuit if the supply frequency is reduced to 1/2, the current will
    (A) Be reduced by half
    (B) Be doubled
    (C) Be four times as high
    (D) Be reduced to one fourth

5. A sine wave has a frequency of 50 Hz. Its angular frequency is _______ radian/second.
    (A) 100 n
    (B) 50 jt
    (C) 25 JT
    (D) 5 n

6. Two waves of the same frequency have opposite phase when the phase angle between them is
    (A) 360°
    (B) 180°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 0°

7. In a pure inductive circuit
    (A) The current is in phase with the voltage
    (B) The current lags behind the voltage by 90°
    (C) The current leads the voltage by 90°
    (D) The current can lead or lag by 90°

8. The time constant of a series R-C circuit is given by
    (A) R/C
    (B) RC2
    (C) RC
    (D) R2C

9. A heater is rated as 230 V, 10 kW, A.C. The value 230 V refers to
    (A) Average voltage
    (B) r.m.s. voltage
    (C) Peak voltage
    (D) None of the above

10. Apaporis
    (A) A line which represents the magnitude and phase of an alternating quantity
    (B) A line representing the magnitude and direction of an alternating quantity
    (C) A colored tag or band for distinction between different phases of a 3-phase supply
    (D) An instrument used for measuring phases of an unbalanced 3-phase load

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